#TGIF: Douglas Cameron and The Douglas Cameron Orchestra

Fall is the best time of the year to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Between the pumpkin patches, apple picking, and tons of festivals, there is always something fun to do. Make sure that you don’t miss any of the wonderful fall events at Chukkar farm such as our Sunday afternoon polo matches, fundraisers, and certainly not our live concert series!

Coming up on October 17th, we welcome back Tom LaDow and the TGIF Atlanta Plays it Forward Concerts. This time for our ‘Night Under the Stars’ you’ll get to enjoy hits from the Big Band Era with a blend of swing and charisma like no other. Douglas Cameron’s smooth, seductive vocals electrify the soul by evoking the spirit of such talents as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. A 17 piece world-class orchestra will bring the music to life.

Tickets will sell out quickly! For this concert we are offering both reserved pavilion seating and BYO-Chair general seating in a ticket range for $10-$145. You are welcomed and encouraged to bring beverages and a picnic to enjoy throughout the concert. The two hour show will kick off at 8:00 pm.

Would your company like to offer a unique benefit to your employees? Sponsor a table for the concert season! For more information on sponsorships, admission, or general concert questions, contact Tom LaDow at tladow@yahoo.com.

Buy Tickets Online:
Douglas Cameron - Night Under the Stars

Caroline + Matthew

Caroline + Matthew

We love all of our beautiful weddings here at Chukkar Farm. This was a friend of ours that we were so happy to see marry the love of her live – and we got to be a part of the big day! Caroline used the club house as her bridal suite, while the men relaxed on the porch with some beverages while the ladies got ready. The groomsmen were having a great time ‘horsing around’ the farm while they waited for the lady of the hour. The wedding ceremony was hosted in the pasture under the chapel and the reception was in a combination of our pavilion – where the band and dancing were about to blow the roof off – and there were several tents set up to make room for extra tables and chairs for all of the guests. The whole day was captured perfectly by Heatherington Photo. 

Sunset at the Outdoor Wedding Wedding Reception in the Pavilion Pasture Wedding Outdoor Wedding Chapel Outdoor Wedding Chapel Wedding Ceremony in a Pasture Outdoor Wedding Decorations Outdoor Wedding Outdoor Wedding Outdoor Wedding Outdoor Wedding Outdoor Wedding

Polo for a Purpose – Tournament Results

Youth PoloOn August 3rd, Chukkar Farm was busy with riders, ponies, and people walking around getting excited and ready for the chukkars that were about to start. It was a beautiful afternoon for a polo match and an even better day to help raise money for the horses in need with Save the Horses (Horse Rescue, Relief, and Retirement Fund, Inc.)
They day went exactly as planned with everyone enjoying themselves both out on the fields and on the sidelines watching. Save the Horses wants to say ‘Thank You!’ for all of your donations and support. With your help, the will be able to feed the horses for several weeks. To find out more about the horses, visit the Save the Horses website. Scroll through the stories to the bottom of the home page to learn all about the animals (and people) that are being rehabilitated and rescued thanks to the passionate efforts, hours, and money of all of the volunteers, sponsors, and donors to Save the Horses.
One of the most fun aspects of Sunday was the polo tournament! Special prizes were awarded throughout the afternoon to some of the most important players. Here are the results:
‘A’ Flight
Team – Peachtree
MVP – Jolie Liston
Best Playing Pony – Sophia, owned by Randy Razor
‘B’ Flight
Team – ARPC
MVP – Hope Tadsen
Best Playing Pony – Bunny, owned by Jolie Liston
‘C’ Flight
Team – Union Hill
MVP – Andrea McManus
Best Playing Pony – Estrella, owned by Heather Hutchins
Fundraiser for Emma Johnson

Fundraiser for Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson Emma JohnsonThe journey begins around 4 pm on New Years Eve. Emma discovered a pair of mules that had escaped from a neighbor’s pasture. Being the horse lover that she is…she headed through the pasture with her mama and joined their neighbor to try and get them safely into a pasture till the owner could be found.

This Good Samaritan gesture soon would take a turn for the worst. As Emma was bringing a bucket of feed around to lure them to safety, her mother was just getting out the warning to Emma to get up on the bank to safety. Instantly the mule turned and delivered a direct kick to little Emma’s head.

Lisa, her mother, instinctively grabbed her up and called 911 and handed the phone off to the neighbor to get emergency care there quickly. Within minutes little Emma was air lifted to Egleston Children’s Hospital. Her mama and daddy and big brother along with many friends and family quickly arrived at the hospital to be near Emma.

The initial treatment was to remove a portion of Emma’s skull to allow her brain to swell without any damaging pressure.  Emma spent 78 days in the hospital and then another 3 months in Day Rehab at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta,  Emma still isn’t able to talk but her walking is improving  and  her hands are getting better about  grabbing things and her swallowing is getting better and so is her eating, Emma started back to school in August at Cherokee Charter with her mama going to school with her  daily to help her get through the day and also feeding her by hand Emma is very bright and has a device that she can type on to  tell everyone what she wants and needs, and also answer the teachers questions which she is enjoying.

On Sunday, September 7th, Chukkar Farm is hosting a fundraiser to help little Emma continue on her road to healing. Please join us at 1:00 pm for a great afternoon of fun, friends, and of course – polo!

7th Annual Polo for Parkinson’s Event

7th Annual Polo for Parkinson’s Event

Polo for ParkinsonsWe love getting out on the field and playing a couple of chukkars any Sunday that the weather allows. It’s always a good time with family and friends gathered to cheer the players on and enjoy the exquisite beauty that is Chukkar Farm. But – our favorite chukkars to play are those that benefit a special cause. On Sunday, September 14th, we are looking forward to playing in support of the Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation.

The Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation

Working as advocates for the PD community since 2008, WPF became officially recognized as a charitable foundation in 2010. The foundation was founded after Co-Founder Bill Wilkins was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006. Since then, the foundation has been dedicated to accelerating the cure and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. The direct fund to research, education, and awareness, advocating on behalf of the entire Parkinson’s community.

Chukkar Farm is happy to be a part of this influential foundation and we are thrilled to play chukkars to support their cause. Join us on Sunday, September 14th for a wonderful afternoon of polo. In addition to the exciting polo match, there will be a complimentary lunch, champagne divot stomp, silent auction, ladies’ hat contest, and more!

Buy your tickets now and invite all of your friends and family. Bring the whole company out for a great family oriented afternoon on the farm and help us support the research and cure of Parkinson’s disease.

Graham + Kelley

Graham + Kelley

Wedding venues are about more than a new coat of paint and having a kitchen available – and here at Chukkar Farm, we get that. Wedding venues are about atmosphere, emotion, the fairy tale environment that you want to be in when you and your beloved start the first day of the rest of your lives together.

And wedding photography is about more than a pretty picture. It is about capturing the whole story of not just a day, but years of memories, relationships, and moments that have occurred between two people, their friends, their families, and the entire magical and loving atmosphere of the event. We have worked with and seen many photographers at Chukkar Farm, but our favorite ones are those that capture the beauty that is a wedding between two people so deeply in love that they have decided to commit their lives to each other. ABH Fine Photography did just that. Check out the beautiful photos that Allie captured of Graham and Kelley joining their lives together.

10 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Wedding a Success

1278019_10151834374185318_533568484_oOutdoor wedding planning isn’t all hay bales and mason jars. Creating a successful outdoor wedding requires attention to detail and a keen eye for the bride’s and guests’ comfort. These ten tips will help make your big day a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

1. Plan Ahead: Whether you’re getting married in prime wedding season or in the cool of winter, Mother Nature probably won’t care about your big day. Save yourself wedding day tears and be prepared with umbrellas, a tent rental, or extra sunscreen.

2. Provide Games: While the day flies by for newlyweds, guests often have a lot of downtime between the ceremony and reception. Rather than relying on your great-uncles karaoke skills to entertain your guests, set up some outdoor games such as bocce ball, croquet, or giant Jenga.

3. Provide Wind-Resistance: Pinterest and wedding magazines offer many options for wedding decorations but rarely do those decorations stand up to a stiff breeze. Save your bridesmaids the aggravation of chasing down each carefully crafted decoration and plan for wind-resistant table display.

4. Wedding Favor Flip-Flops: Outdoor weddings are not high heel friendly. Save your guests an uncomfortable reception trying to pull their heels out of the ground by providing flip-flop favors.

5. Don’t Skimp on Sound: With wind and distance to compete with, wedding parties that compete with the weather often lose. Get a microphone for the ceremony and reception.

6. Provide Guests with Essentials: Sunscreen, insect repellant, and paper fans can turn an oppressive heat wave wedding into an otherwise pleasant affair.

7. Cut the Curls: Heat and rain alike can decimate a carefully arranged up-do. Ensure that your stylist knows it’s an outdoor ceremony and plan your style for the elements.

8. Bug Off: Tiny wedding crashers can ruin you and your guests evening. While Chukkar Farm does not commonly have many pests to deal with, it is a good idea to decorate with citronella candles to provide an elegant and bug-free affair.

9. Keep It Cool: Chicken or steak may work for an indoor wedding but outdoor weddings have their own set of challenges. Talk to your caterer about a menu that will be both delicious and refreshing.

10. Don’t Over Think It: Outdoor weddings are popular because they provide a gorgeous setting and a memorable day. Embrace the surroundings and downplay the extras needed to makes an indoor wedding stand out.


Polo for a Purpose

Polo for a Purpose

Polo FundraiserYou might have missed the story back in June, and we wouldn’t blame you if you did. It was a sad tale of 12 horses and mules and one dead mule that were seized from a farm in Pickens County. They were spotted by a passer by and reported to the Sherriff’s office. They were quickly seized and placed with local animal rescues that now need our help to nurse the animals back to health.

Restoring an emaciated horse or mule is a long process that takes a lot of patience, care, and funding. You cannot simply give them a bucket of grain and let them start eating as much as they would like. The process starts with feeding high quality hay multiple times a day and probiotics to restore their gut health. Then, after several weeks of this process, you can slowly start re-introducing them to a grain or pelleted feed, half a pound at a time. The horses will also need veterinary attention and deworming medicine. To help raise money for the abused animals, Chukkar Farm is hosting “Polo for a Purpose.”

This Sunday, please join us for our afternoon polo match at 2:00 pm. Save the Horses and Equine Advocates are nursing these 12 animals back to health and preparing them for new homes. Proceeds from the fundraiser event will go to the care, feeding, and upkeep of these 12 horses and mules. Chukkar Farm is excited to help these animals in need and we hope that you will join us! Bring your own picnic or tailgate party. We will be asking for a $20 donation per car, although more is graciously accepted!

Meet Chukkar Farm: Beth Millwood

Meet Chukkar Farm: Beth Millwood

Beth MillwoodIf you’ve been to Chukkar Farm for any of our Sunday polo matches, a corporate event, or even a polo lesson you have surely met the outgoing, knowledgeable, and friendly face of Beth Millwood. Beth has been an integral part of the Chukkar Farm family since 2001 and hasn’t been able to stay away since.
Beth has been a horse person since the beginning.
 “When I was a little girl, all I wanted for Christmas was a horse. We lived on a golf course. I would keep it in the garage during the day and let it out on the golf course at night.”
Her dreams didn’t end when she went off to college. In her first year, her grades took a back seat to her position on the equestrian team. She spent mornings, nights, and weekends at the barn. After she graduated from college, she went on to law school and she didn’t let that course load stop her from riding either. While in law school, she leased horses and set up her classes so that she would have plenty of time to ride throughout the week. For her 30th birthday she bought herself her first horse – Risky Transaction. He was spoiled rotten! Every Monday he got a massage (most people don’t get massages that often!) Then, Beth met Sue, and Sue introduced her to the Chukkar Farm family.
As soon as Beth saw how much her horse loved the farm, she knew she could never leave. She soon started as one of the Chukkar Farm riding instructors and set the record for most lessons taught in a day, 38 to be exact! To be fair, it was 19 lessons and two birthday parties, but that is a lot of kids and ponies to keep in line for one day! The more time Beth spent at Chukkar, the more she fell in love both with the people and with the sport of Polo.
She has been to Argentina to play twice. She has played in Wellington, Austin, and Sarasota. And that’s only the beginning! Now, the Cashins are her family and polo is the love of her life. She intends to continue to play for as long as she can. Beth shares her love of the game and love of horses as one of our polo instructors, polo experience, and team building event facilitator.
Come on out to Chukkar Farm for a day of polo. Bring your friends, family, or co-workers to make memories that will last a lifetime and make sure you ask Beth about her golf course horse when you see her!
Photo Compliments of Paul Courtney
Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Candlelight Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Candlelight Ceremony

Candlelight Wedding CeremonyWe have had some of the most beautiful weddings here at Chukkar Farm. We have worked with grooms who are active military, young brides who are embarking on a new journey with the man of their dreams, and two families of cultures that are half a world apart. Each and every one of the ceremonies at Chukkar Farm has been beautiful, unique, and we have been very thankful to be a part of the joining of two people in love. Each of these weddings has also had its own unique touch on theme, style, and decorations. But, there are a few types of weddings that we have yet to host here at Chukkar, and we are hoping that someone will pick up this idea and run with it: a candle light summer ceremony. 

Georgia Summer Evening Wedding Ceremony

The summer evenings in Georgia are the stuff of country music songs – literally. With that in mind, what better time to host your rustic wedding ceremony? Summer evenings bring with them a cool breeze and a sky full of hundreds of thousands of stars. You and your guests will be serenaded by a symphony of crickets as the sunsets over the north Georgia hills and gives your wedding ceremony a back drop of a sky on fire.

Light Up The Night

As the sun sinks down below the Georgia pines, light up your reception with a sea of candles. To make your twinkling evening a success, there are some key things that you should keep in mind:

  • Who is going to light all of the candles? It’s a good project to assign to someone you want involved in your wedding, but couldn’t ask to be officially part of the wedding party. Be careful asking a bridesmaid or groomsman to do it – you don’t want them off lighting candles while you’re trying to get wedding party shots with your photographer.
  • Make sure that you have enough candles for your guests to see – but don’t expect it to look like daylight either. Part of the ambiance of a candle light ceremony and reception is the dim lighting. To check on the amount of light that your planned candles will provide, and to see how long it will take to get all of your candles to get lit, it’s a great idea to do a rehearsal at the same time of evening when your actual ceremony and reception will be.
  • Candles of course add a whole new level of fire hazard to your wedding so be mindful of that when you are planning where they will go/what kinds of containers they will be in. You wouldn’t want one of your guests to be having such a great time that they knock over a whole table of candles and send the place up in flames – but that would make for a wedding reception that no one would forget!

At Chukkar Farm, we welcome just about any idea that you can come up with your for wedding. We think that is one of the things that makes our wedding venue so unique!

Img Emily Carlin on Flickr.