It's not the end of daylight savings time , it's the beginning of the arena polo season!! Lights are going up at Chukkar Farm and that means polo is about to begin with polo evening practice and evening lessons. The arena season starts with the first Sunday game on November 16th at 2 pm. Come and watch this fast paced version of polo. Bring your friends and a picnic!! Please call to set up time for the "Polo Experience" offer where we teach you the fundamentals of polo both on and off the horse ! Please come by and visit. We love meeting and sharing with people that stop by to see what we are all about. :)

Jack Cashin

 A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore



“Jack Cashin’s “A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore” is essentially a bible of sorts. Inside one can find the answer to virtually any of life’s pressing questions. I makes good sense that a man as unique and masterful as Jack Cashin would so successfully gather these diverse writings into one compilation. Jack Cashin is truly one of  a kind and this folio is as well. From relationship wisdom to keynotes on mafia management, the book covers a lot of ground. For the definition of a stock split, see page 85. For crisis management, see page 135. Whatever you do though, don’t let your wife read page 57. A gift of Wit is a joyous read and will always have a place on my coffee table.”

–  Joe Habachy, Attorney, Atlanta, GA.