Please join us on Saturday, June 30th at 7:00 pm for an evening of polo at Chukkar Farm! Summertime livin' is easy.... but it sure is hot in Georgia! That's why for the next two weeks we are moving our weekend polo matches to Saturday night, instead of Sunday afternoon. Join us for our normal chukkars - BYO food, beverages, and friends to make it a memorable Georgia summer evening at the farm. Nothing changes except for the day and time. Sunday polo matches are cancelled through the end of August. In September, we will resume our weekend chukkars on either Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons, as the weather allows. We may be playing on Sunday, August 7 depending on weather. Stay tuned for more updates!

Jack Cashin

 A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore



“Jack Cashin’s “A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore” is essentially a bible of sorts. Inside one can find the answer to virtually any of life’s pressing questions. I makes good sense that a man as unique and masterful as Jack Cashin would so successfully gather these diverse writings into one compilation. Jack Cashin is truly one of  a kind and this folio is as well. From relationship wisdom to keynotes on mafia management, the book covers a lot of ground. For the definition of a stock split, see page 85. For crisis management, see page 135. Whatever you do though, don’t let your wife read page 57. A gift of Wit is a joyous read and will always have a place on my coffee table.”

–  Joe Habachy, Attorney, Atlanta, GA.