Polo is a sport with a long and illustrious history. In fact, there’s evidence that polo may have originated in Persia as long ago as the 6th century B.C.! With such a storied past, it’s no wonder that polo is a popular sport across countless countries. Want to become part of the rich tradition of playing polo? Chukkar Farms offers polo lessons, polo matches, and space to horse around (excuse our pun) during polo season. But before you get started, check out these terms to know.

10 Polo Terms to Know

  1. polo gamePolo pony. A well-trained polo pony makes it easy for players of all experience levels to get into the game. Most polo ponies are thoroughbred, although some may be quarter horses or have other breeding.
  2. Clipped mane. Clipping the horse’s mane prevents it from getting tangled as the player maneuvers the reins.
  3. Braided tail. Braiding the horse’s tail prevents it from getting caught in the mallet.
  4. Polo martingale. A leather bridle of unique design, a polo martingale prevents the horse’s head from jerking up and hitting the rider.
  5. Breast plate. You may feel like you’re riding your horse into battle, but this breastplate is designed to keep the saddle from slipping.
  6. Bell boots. Encircles the horse’s ankle to prevent the horse’s hooves from over reaching.
  7. Polo wraps. Bandages wrapped around the horse’s legs to prevent scrapes and bruises and provide added support.
  8. Polo boots. Your horse wears boots, and so should you. Polo boots protect the player’s legs from injuries due to stray balls and mallet strikes.
  9. Knee pads. Like polo boots, knee pads protect the player’s legs from injury.
  10. Mallet. A long, thin striking stick reminiscent of a croquet mallet, a polo mallet is what players use to strike the ball.

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