As we head into the New Year, wedding specialists are on the hunt for new trends; and if you’re trying to stay in the loop, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few trends to look out for in 2017 from your favorite wedding experts!

2017 wedding trends georgia

  1. A color comeback. Color is making a massive comeback, and we’re all about it! We’re seeing a lot less white weddings and a lot more colorful florals, centerpieces and lighting. We’re also seeing an increase in varied bridesmaid dresses and more in-depth color schemes.
  2. New destinations. When you think of a getaway wedding, you think tropical (Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc). But did you know that Canada, Iceland and Italy are emerging as top destination wedding locations? Something to think about!
  3. Top-down decor. People are starting to get creative with their ceilings! Whereas in year’s past the centerpieces and wall-decor were of main priority, chandeliers and top-down pieces are becoming more trendy. We’ve seen a lot of Christmas lights, DIY chandelier centerpieces and more continuing to trend in 2017!
  4. Buffett style and finger foods. In years past, a full course sit-down meal has been the standard. But due to prices and for the sake of time, many wedding planners are choosing to do a help yourself buffett style, and providing finger foods before and after the ceremony! We’re also seeing more dynamic desserts, with doughnut cakes or cookies instead of a traditional wedding cake.
  5. Two piece wedding gowns. A traditional gown will always be a favorite; but we’ve also been seeing tons of two piece wedding gown sets! It definitely makes a statement and looks gorgeous for brides who are trying to be trendy!

What adds to your trendy 2017? A trendy venue of course! Chukkar Farm is a unique and special venue that helps compliment your personal style. We’re already booking for a ton of 2017 weddings and we’re excited to talk to you about how we can help! We’re located in Alpharetta, GA and book weddings all year around!

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