1399229_984895231557072_7360195195867816145_oAre you trying to get as many people to your non-profit fundraiser as possible? Then make sure that you are leveraging all of the channels possible, and using them in the most effective way. Chukkar Farm has years of experience hosing fundraisers and helping our charities reach out to their network to raise attendance (and therefore increase their event profit goals). Here are a few great tips to abide by:


Facebook is the largest of the social networks, with more than 400 million active users — a number greater than the population of the entire United States. It’s also the most multimedia-friendly of the big three as members can post text, pictures, audio, and video.


Another social network that is on the heels of Facebook is Instagram. This  channel is where you can reach out to the younger generations to market your event – if that is your target demographic. Just like Facebook, Instagram offers paid advertising options to give your posts a wider reach that will be shown to your specific demographic.


YouTube is a free and highly popular video sharing service. Anyone with an account can upload a video of 10 minutes or less to the site and share it with the world through a URL or by embedding the video in a blog or website. Videos can also be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites with a single click. YouTube is an easy way to share video content with a wide audience without having to pay for bandwidth or hosting.

Event Promotion

As the key details of your event are set, such as date and venue, you should post a Save the Date notice on your social media networks to alert people and get on their calendars. If you’ve already built and published an event homepage in Event Marketing, link to the page from your social media networks to provide more information and future updates. You should also send out a save the date email to those on your contact list who have expressed an interest in attending, again linking to the event homepage for more details


Polo matches and practices are NOW OPEN to spectators.

Please note, we are working with the county to acquire a permit for weddings and concerts. Until our permit is issued we will not be able to host any weddings or concerts.

Thanks for your understanding. We will update here when we are open for weddings and concerts again.

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