Horses are every inch loving and beautiful creatures. They are also graceful, spirited, and unique in their own kind of way. Whether you’re a casual rider, a show horse trainer, or a polo person, it’s very easy to love horses. But just because you’ve saved up to buy a horse doesn’t mean you can afford the land to board it. If you don’t have a barn in your backyard, you’ll want to find one nearby that will care for your horse, keep him well fed, and give him room to stretch his legs. Before choosing where to board your horse, you’ll want to keep these things in mind.

5 Things to Know Before Boarding Your Horse

  1. horse haltersBarns have personalities. They could be laid back, stylish and professional, or cater to a particular specialty. You’ll want to find a barn with an atmosphere that matches your personality and that of your horse.
  2. Some barns have a focus. They may cater to horses of specific breeds or disciplines.
  3. They feed differently. Research the barn to see if they have free access to hay bales and grass, or if they have a more structured feeding program.
  4. The cost isn’t everything. Some barns may include add-on services like changing blankets or holding horses for the farrier, while others include it in the cost of board.
  5. Their barn, their rules. Make sure you know what the rules are (and whether you can live with them).

Chukkar Farms is a polo club in Alpharetta with plenty of land to roam. Want a unique horse boarding opportunity for your horses? Chukkar has it all!

Please be advised that Polo matches and practices are not presently open to spectators.

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