You probably think that your favorite celebrity lives the life of luxury. From jet setting from one party to another and performing in front of a crowd of thousands of people, they have to understand how to sell themselves so that they can make that fancy living. There are several tips that your next fundraiser can take from your favorite celebrities.

www.michellescottphoto.com1. Tweet It Out

Celebrities send out tweets everyday – multiple times a day. They do it to stir up conversation, tell people about their life, and to make announcements about their upcoming music and shows. Do the same for your upcoming fundraiser! Create a Twitter account and tweet about the entire process – from the delicious bagels that your planning team is having for breakfast at 5 am while hashing out details, to what it’s like to try to set up a sound system when you are technologically impaired. Tweet to create a buzz about your event and to start a conversation with everyone that you hope will attend.

2. Break the Mold

Which celebrities actually make it and hit the top of the charts? It’s the ones that do something different! When you’re planning your fundraiser, break away from the tradition of “black tie affair” and make a scene with your party.

3. Do Something Different (Maybe)

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Successful celebrities have influences from previous successful musicians and performers. You could do the same with your fundraiser. Make it loud, interesting, and get as much positive attention for your cause as possible.

4. Make Yourself Wanted – and Affordable

Some celebrities take themselves too seriously, over pricing their ticket prices and their record albums. They never make it because their “adoring fans” can’t afford to keep up with them. Take the hint and don’t follow suit. Offer giving options that will fit all budgets, from the most grandiose to the very reasonable. This way, you’ll be inviting everyone to join in on your fundraiser.

5. Give Them Something in Return

Once they’ve paid their dues, audiences at shows are promised a great evening. Offer the same to your donors. Your fundraiser should be a memorable night that will make them want to come back for more next year. And most importantly, don’t forget to say, “Thank You!”

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