March 23, 1925 – April 21, 2014

Helen CashinHelen Heath Cashin, 89 of Alpharetta, GA passed peacefully on April 21, 2014 while sunbathing on the deck of her home. Helen had suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s for the last seven years.

Helen was born March 23, 1925 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents were Kenneth and Helen Heath. She met Jack Cashin on the beach in Florida in February of 1948, where Jack Cashin was employed as a lifeguard. They were married on December 19, 1948 in New York and proceeded to live a life of many adventures. Helen attended Florida Southern University. She had a great love of tennis and played competitively with much success over most of her life. She formed the Atlanta International Tennis Exchange for Women and organized trips around the world for the Exchange members to play tennis in other countries and be hosted by tennis players as well as hosting visiting Tennis players in her home.

Helen and Jack cofounded the Cashin’s Place chain of restaurants in and around Atlanta, GA and many of the recipes were developed by Helen including their award winning salad dressing which was a customer favorite. Jack Cashin tells the story of calling Helen from one of the restaurants and telling her the soup didn’t have quite the right flavor. He described how it tasted and Helen told him over the phone what to have the chef add to make it taste like their signature dish, and she was right on. Helen was a wonderful cook and homemaker that provided a great environment to raise their six children. The Cashins lived in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and moved to Atlanta in 1973 and thought they had found their version of heaven. They bought their 131 acre farm in Alpharetta in 1979 and moved to the farm to live a few years later and have been there ever since. They have built it into Chukkar Farm Polo Club & Event Facility, a renowned and very active facility offering Sunday Polo Matches to the public, First Saturday of each month live music concerts, a tremendous venue for corporate outings, weddings and fundraisers. Through the farm they have raised over $7 million dollars for the non profit organizations that have had successful fundraisers at the farm.

Jack Cashin describes his wife as, “A person with a terrific sense of humor and very easy to be with. She was beautiful inside and out, always good to look at. She was a hard worker and the backbone of our restaurants. She was dedicated to our family, our home and our business, one of the most dependable, honest and empathetic people you will ever meet. She was always sympathetic and supportive of those around her and she never failed to follow through, truly a most complete human being.”

Helen’s children shared remembrance statements:

Heath Cashin, daughter, shared, “My Mom was the soundest person I knew. I miss her!”

Bridget Meyers, shared, “I love her so much and the special relationship she had with each one of us. Mom was always there for me. When I was good and when I was bad. She was a giving person. I love you Mom, you will always be with me in my heart. There is no gift like my Mother’s love.

Jason Cashin, shared, “Besides being an exceptional Mom to 6 children and balancing all that was required, she was a wonderful cook, good business woman and great athlete. She was also a counterbalance to my Dad and she was loved by many people.”

Cara Cashin Tadsen, shared, “My Mom instructed with love. You never felt in trouble, she loved you with understanding. She never gossiped and guarded her words to only say what was in her heart, which was love. She was the anchor of our family.”

Adam Cashin, shared, “The collective works of Shakespeare would pale in comparison to what wonderful things could be said about Helen Heath Cashin. Mom has been my comfort during times of pain and anguish, the bright shining light when the loneliness of hospital stays drove me into sadness and she always nipped any signs of self-pity in the bud. Not only did Mom give me life twice, as she donated her kidney to me, but she helped my life stay happy.”

Erin Cashin Nugent, shared, “My Mother was an amazing person. She had all the answers. She was always there for me, day or night, it didn’t matter. I often called her up and picked her brain on anything I needed advice on. She lit up the room. Her smile never changed even during her disease. She was beautiful inside and out. Now her beautiful face and smile will live inside my heart forever. Her blood runs through me and I could not be more honored to call her my Mother. I love her and will miss her forever…”

A long time friend, Al Lingo, shared, “From the time you meet the Cashins until years later you are a friend forever. Even without recent contact or involvement they seem to be in your heart and thoughts as close family members. I am convinced that Jack and Helen do not know strangers. They are a couple who invite, take in, and share their love and compassion for life with anyone who crosses their path.”

Helen is survived by her husband, Jack Cashin, 6 children – Heath Cashin, Bridget Meyers, Jason Cashin, Cara Cashin Tadsen, Adam Cashin, and Erin Cashin Nugent; 11 Grandchildren Dillon, Haley, Jake, Helen, Brekken, Dane, Hope, Joy, Tate, Sam & Abby; and 6 Great Grandchildren – Ward, Wellington, Fielding, Tilden, Josiah, and Branson. Helen is predeceased by Grandson Hansen, 7 months old.

There will be a Celebration of Life Well Lived gathering on June 1, 2014 at 2pm at Chukkar Farm Polo Club & Event Facility located at 1140 Liberty Grove Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30004. In lieu of a donation or flowers, the family has requested attendees provide a home made dish of food to share and BYOB to allow all to celebrate the life of Helen Heath Cashin. 

Polo matches and practices are NOW OPEN to spectators.

Please note, we are working with the county to acquire a permit for weddings and concerts. Until our permit is issued we will not be able to host any weddings or concerts.

Thanks for your understanding. We will update here when we are open for weddings and concerts again.

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