Cashin’s Sculpture Garden


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Currently Cashin’s Sculpture Garden is open by group reservation only or to attendees of other Chukkar Farm events. Reservations available Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm or Sunday 10am – 2pm.  Tour Fee is $10 per person with an 8 person group minimum. Contact Chukkar Farm Polo Club to book a group reservation tour. See contact info at bottom of webpage.

The strong visitor roster Chukkar Farm appreciates is the basis for our new offering of Cashin’s Sculpture Garden. The installation of the Sculpture Garden will be along an existing horse riding trail that gently meanders through nature’s cathedral in a spectacular woodland area populated with a variety of hardwoods. The sun dapples through the leaves and sets the stage for wonderment.



Cashin’s Sculpture Garden is committed to connecting art and nature to people’s perception of sculpture. Its aim is to present the public with a variety of engrossing exhibits, programming, classes, projects, and events. The garden will create artistic and intellectual opportunities for artists and the public. Provide an experience of collaboration and reflection to enhance public awareness of the value of the arts and promote an experience of cultural activities to which nurture the human spirit and contribute to the community.


Blending art into the natural landscape in a way that allows each piece to be dominant in its surroundings.

Development Team

Our Advisory Board consists of prominent business developers and renowned Georgia artists that work as the driving force in the development of Cashin’s Sculpture Garden.

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Phase I

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden will be built in three (3) phases with Phase I to include an entry area with benches and information kiosk, 21 sculptures, and rest areas with artisan benches.

Future Phases II & III

Phases II & III will complete the sculpture trail, allowing for a total of 54 sculpture sites, many rest areas, an outdoor classroom area, and an agri tourism draw of a Native American Medicine Wheel Garden, Labyrinth, and a maze that will make Chukkar Farm Polo Club and Cashin’s Sculpture Garden a destination where visitors can stay for the day, enjoy a picnic and truly have a unique outdoor experience.

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Home & the Forager by J Aaron Alderman

Cashin’s  Sculpture Garden Benefits

The community by establishing a tourism draw for the area which helps economic development of the surrounding area businesses – food, gas, hotel, shopping. The garden also establishes a cultural draw to area.

Visitors to the Sculpture Garden by offering a unique opportunity to experience large scale art in a natural setting that allows for contemplation and interpretation in a leisurely, somewhat private way.

The artists by providing an outdoor setting to display their large scale works for longer periods of time – unlike galleries with limited space and time lengths for display

The Farm by producing income stream to allow for the maintenance and facilitation of sculpture garden.

Educational – Benefit through programming that shares the understanding of art blended with nature

Historical – The Native American Medicine Wheel Garden presents an historical benefit by sharing the Native American heritage of the land and its roots through the Medicine Wheel

Why Is Cashin’s Sculpsure Garden Unique? 


  • One of very few large scale outdoor sculpture gardens in Georgia available for public viewing
  • Location and pastoral setting
  • Variety of sculptures from Representational to Contemporary
  • Interaction with sculpture in a natural setting without time constraints

Jack Cashin is providing the land and team to develop Cashin’s Sculpture Garden but he needs your help to make the sculpture garden a reality for the benefit of our community. We hope you will consider the sponsorship and advertising opportunities available.

Please consider the purchase of a Legacy Brick to be placed in permanent Legacy Walls in Entry area of trail.

Click here to download Sculpture Garden Brochure Plus and brick order form.

Corrina Sephora - Wave 72

Woodland Wave by Corrina Sephora Mensoff

For more information please contact Chukkar Farm Polo Club at
(770) 314-3735