Artist Install Videos

Listed in Alphabetical Order


“The Home and The Forager”

Aaron Alderman


“Overlooked #II”

Syd Atkinson


“Document, The Ladylee Furnace Project”

George Beasley


Kevin Chambers

“Vantage Point”

Andrew L. Cunningham

“Landing Gear IV”

Martin Dawe


Michael Dillon

“Triad: Familial Connections”

Ettiene L. Jackson

“Silent Century”

David Landis

“Lunar Ascension”

Tony Loadholt


Jeffry Loy

“Stage Whisper”

Jeff Mather


Corrina Sephora Mensoff


Doyle Rogers

“From an Ancient Alter – Empty Womb”

Billy Roper

“A Moment”

Mike Sherrer/Triny Cline

“Broken Circle Series”

Steve Steinman

“Dancing Under the Moon Light”

Eric Strauss


Jiovnni Tallington

“Swan Song”

Annie Whiteside


Alan Wilson

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