We were honored to host the first inaugural Atlanta Motoring Festival right in the barn yard at Chukkar Farm. Saturday, May 14th, the farm was full of beautiful cars and lots of friends and family enjoying the afternoon.

The Events

The headlining event was the car show, featuring a dozen marques of automobile and motorcycles. Everyone was given an opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice Awards. There was even a special Ladies’ Choice Award.

The show chose a Featured Marque for the event from the local Panoz Motors. Bently and BMW were Platinum Sponsors an were on hand to show off a sneak peek of the latest in automotive luxury. We were honored to be allowed to feature unique automotive gems from the “Honored Atlanta Collection of Carolyn and Marvin Sikes” and the “Honored Alpharetta Collection of Richard Peden.”

We had live music from some of our favorite, local bands, and Creative Catering offered delicious lunch plates. Vendors were available, showing off their art and goods while artist Mike Zeller who designed the Show Guide cover and commemorative poster was available for signings.

Proceeds from the event benefited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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