AgingB-200x300At Chukkar Farm, we firmly believe that every person and experience is worth knowing. Nothing should hold you back from achieving your dreams, whether that means learning polo at age 75 or putting a smile on a stranger’s face. We’re blessed to partner with Alison O’Neil, the illustrious mind behind Beauty Becomes You. Through her tireless efforts, unique vision, and personal touch, she has created a culture of vitality and continued worth for seniors across America. And with her help, Chukkar Farm has opened new doors (and unlocked cushy retirement stalls) for senior horses in the South.

The folks at Chukkar Farm never slow down. Why should our horses? After all, Jack is still an active polo player at age 90! Too many horses are forgotten as they age. We wanted to give retired horses an opportunity to stay active and healthy.

That’s where Alison comes in.

We met Alison when she was looking for a unique fundraising opportunity to support her charity, Beauty Becomes You. She needed something unique and accessible, without losing the classic elegance that makes parties so much fun – polo went perfectly with her theme and the event became the ‘Age of Elegance – Champagne and Polo Benefit’. We found her passion for enriching the lives of seniors compelling. She dedicates her life to showing seniors that their beauty and worth are as evident as ever. Her gala has evolved over the years, as has her relationship with Chukkar Farm. Since that first conversation, Alison has helped us transform Chukkar Farm into a retreat for retired horses. She’s facilitated over 22 adoptions, helping us welcome donated horses from everywhere from New Jersey to South Carolina. Those horses are now used to play polo, teach kids to ride, and show families the value of investing time and effort into meaningful experiences. No one knows better than Alison that age doesn’t matter. Beauty, vitality, and incredible adventures are always just around the corner.

“Embrace every moment you have with those people you love. When you do, everything is better, because you’re consumed by the good things in life.” – Alison O’Neil

We’re thrilled to announce that Alison has been nominated for L’Oreal Paris’ 2015 Women of Worth. Help us support this amazing woman by voting for her to represent true beauty!

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