How to Create a Wedding Table Plan

How to Create a Wedding Table Plan

How to Create a Wedding Table Plan

Creating the wedding table plan is the chore that many brides-to-be find most daunting when organizing The Big Day; families and friends are complex and getting the social dynamic right at a wedding can be a bit of a minefield. Do you seat people together with other guests that they know, or mix it up and keep your fingers crossed that everyone gets along?

Here are a few tips for creating a table plan and you’ll have guests mingling away as if they have been BFFs for years.

First Things First

If you’re drawing a total blank on how to get started on your table plan, start by looking at your guest list and group them together on how you know them, i.e. school friends, work friends, church friends and so on. You could even create a reunion vibe if some of them have not seen each other in years.

Keep Age and Interests in Mind

While you love your great aunt Sue and school pals equally, chances are, if you seat them together, they will not have much in common, especially after they’ve exhausted talking about how beautiful you look, and how wonderful the day has been so far…. Avoid awkward silences by seating people together who have things in common. If your work bestie travelled France last summer, seat her with your cousin who is heading to Europe later in the year – even total strangers can bond over shared interests.

Also, try and seat grandparents and other mature guests a little further from all the noise – if they are hard of hearing they will struggle to be able to listen to the conversations and could be left feeling isolated.

Avoid the Infamous “Singles” Table!

Forget seating all your single guests on one table and hoping for the best; it can feel obvious to them and make for an uncomfortable situation. If there are singles you particularly think that will hit-it-off, then, seat them together on friendly, inclusive tables where they can talk to everyone, and hopefully they’ll naturally gravitate towards each other – no awkward match-making here, thank you!

DO Make a Table Plan

It can be tempting to bin off the idea of a seating plan altogether and let guests find their own seat, but we strongly advise against this. It can cause anxiety for some guests – nobody wants to relive the high school horror of eating be themselves in the corner, or sheepishly asking “is this seat taken?”

If assigning seats stresses you out, try assigning tables. Let your guests choose where they sit upon their designated table.

Be Tactful

Lastly, if you know two of your guests do not always get along, for the sake of everyone, avoid sitting them at the same table. We know, they should be able to put their differences aside for your special day, but it’s easier to set them apart than to break up a spat. Trust us.

Chukkar Farm’s Favorite Rustic Wedding Blogs

After the initial giddiness of your dream proposal fades, it’s time to get down to the business of planning. Planning a wedding is an exciting prospect for many brides, a season filled with close friends, elegant decor, and the occasional free food at cake and caterer tastings. But with so much to do and so many Pinterest boards to find, things can get overwhelming fast. If you’re looking for the best rustic wedding ideas, check out our favorite wedding blogs.

Rustic Wedding Chic

Horse Farm WeddingWhen you get engaged, the first item on your to-do list is to pop the champagne with your family, friends, and new fiancé. The second item is to book a venue. Your wedding venue will determine what kind of dress to buy, what type of food to serve, and how you style everything from the flowers to the cutlery. Meet Rustic Wedding Chic, your new best friend. This blog offers wedding ideas based on location and scenery, so you can create the perfect moment for the venue you’ve chosen.

Rustic Weddings

Get the dish on other couples’ big moments with a blog that blends classic elegance, current trends, and heart-fluttering romance. Rustic Weddings is our pick for extending that new ring giddiness (while still tackling your to-do list).

Rustic Folk Weddings

Brides often plan weddings around details they’ve been dreaming about for decades. If you’ve already chosen your color-scheme, wedding theme, or seasonal touches, then Rustic Wedding Folks will help you fill in the gaps to craft a wedding style that’s all your own.

Want to book a barn wedding in Alpharetta? Call Chukkar Farm to schedule a tour of the rolling green fields, classic barn, and rustic touches of our event facility.

Summer Concerts at Chukkar Farm!

Summer Concerts at Chukkar Farm!

There’s nothing like an outdoor concert to really showcase all the best things about summer. The long, pleasant nights seem to call for us to spend time outside with family and friends, enjoying snacks, drinks, and the best music on offer. Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta, GA is pleased to run two summer concert series: Atlanta Plays it Forward Presents TGIF, and Home by Dark Featuring James Casto!

Presented by Chukkar Farm and Atlanta Plays it Forward, TGIF concerts are held the first Friday of every month on our beautiful farm. Every month you’ll be able to enjoy top-quality music under the stars, and even better, each month the concert benefits a different local charity! In the past these events have sponsored organizations like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. With general admission lawn tickets beginning at just $15 and reserved tables available, TGIF concerts can be as affordable or as luxurious as you want. summer concert series atlanta

On the first Saturday of every month, Chukkar Farm is proud to present Home by Dark. This unique concert series features some of the best guest songwriters and guest instrumentalists in the world, working together with the house band to create a spectacular evening of music and prove that “a song can change your life.” The next Home by Dark concert at Chukkar Farm is June 30th, with another show on July 1st, and general admission tickets start at just $20 with options for reserved tables as well.

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Polo Matches Every Sunday!

Looking for a a way to spend time outside with your family this summer? At Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta, GA, we have polo matches every Sunday, weather permitting, at 2:00!

Watching a polo match is great for the whole family. Adults and kids alike will thrill as our beautiful, powerful horses thunder down the field. Did you know polo is one of the oldest sports in the world? It’s a great way to get out in the summer weather, and with the fun half-time tradition called “stomping the divots,” it includes a lovely walk–plus a glass of champagne for those old enough! You bring your own blanket, food, and drinks, and we provide an afternoon of equestrian excitement. Plus, with tickets starting at just $20 per car, it’s an unbeatable price for an Atlanta sporting event! Prices may change depending on fundraisers or corporate events; please keep an eye on our events calendar for full details. polo game

At Chukkar Farm, we make polo and horse riding as accessible as it is fun. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and we’d love to share our passion for horses with you! We offer lessons in both riding and polo, even if you don’t have your own horse. Our philosophy is to teach polo as a “weekender” sport, something that people can play and enjoy on a recreational basis. Come to see a polo match–it’s a great way to get started!

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Boarding Space Available

Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta, GA, has openings for boarding! Selecting a stable for your beloved horses is never an easy decision. When you board at Chukkar Farm, you can rest easy knowing your horse is getting the care, attention, and love they deserve, just like you’d provide. Here are some of the benefits of boarding at Chukkar Farm.

Location. If you can never get to where you horse is stabled, what’s the point? Our facility is in Alpharetta, just an hour from Atlanta, which means we’re accessible without sacrificing the space you want and your horses need.

Space. Because we’re removed from the city, we have plenty of space for your horses! We offer boarding horses freedom to roam through our pastures as well as access to comfortable barns, so they can socialize and enjoy the company of the herd. At Chukkar Farm, you never have to worry that your horses are cooped up all day. horse running

Attention. We care about all the horses boarding with us, and it shows in our standards of care. Our management team is on-site, and we look after each horse individually. Each of our boarding horses receives personal care and attention seven days a week. Because we take personal care of your horses, we can keep you up to date on their health and well-being. You won’t find any assembly-line care here!

Boarding spaces fill up fast, so contact us today to discuss your options. We’d love for you and your horses to be part of our family!

Summer Camp at Chukkar Farm!

Summer Camp at Chukkar Farm!

With school being on vacation, kids are probably starting to get antsy. Good news: Activities Abound summer camps at Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta begin today! Don’t worry if you haven’t signed up yet, though, because some slots are still available.

Summer camp at Chukkar Farm is an unforgettable and totally unique experience. Not only will campers enjoy typical camp activities like sports, hiking, and fishing, but they will also learn about horseback riding and horse care and participate in daily art lessons. We emphasize positivity, community, and respect for each other and for the natural world while having a great time on our beautiful outdoor farm. We also get moving; as you probably know, many kids are in danger of not getting enough exercise. At Chukkar Farm summer camp, we disconnect from technology (though phones are available for emergencies) and spend time outside. Last year our campers averaged two to three miles of hiking per day! campers fishing

Activities Abound Summer Camp is available for children in grades 1 through 8, and runs June 5-9, 12-16, 19-23, and 26-30, and July 10-14. Camp days begin at 8:30 am and ends at 3:30, though we do offer early drop off and extended days for an additional fee. We offer a family discount of $25 per sibling and a multi-week discount, and also have a limited amount of scholarship money available.

Your kids will love summer camp at Chukkar Farm, and we look forward to seeing them! Contact us with questions or to sign up

Lead a Horse to Water

Lead a Horse to Water

If you think you roast during the summer, you have nothing on your horse. Horses are equipped for colder weather, with an insulating coat and body heat that builds up fast, especially during exertion. It’s crucial for horse owners to take special care to keep horses from getting overheated during the summer.

4 Summer Care Tips for Horses

  1. horse in barnHydrate your horses. Dehydration is a big risk for horses in the summer, especially when they’re exercising. Make sure your horse has access to plenty of water. You know the old saying, “You can lead your horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? If your horse isn’t drinking enough water (as often happens when traveling), help your horse stay hydrated by keeping the water supply clean, soaking forage cubes, and making sure your horse takes in plenty of electrolytes with its water.
  2. Supply shade. You may think your horse gets plenty of shade in the barn, but make sure there’s shade available when you turn out, too. The summer sun can get sweltering, and if there aren’t trees or lean-tos, your horse may get overheated.
  3. Keep air flowing. A barn may have shade, but without adequate airflow, it can quickly becoming stifling. Keep the flies off and the air cool by opening barn doors and turning on a fan.
  4. Sidestep heat stress. To prevent heat stress in your horse, train in the morning or evening when the day is cooler. Shorten workouts to prevent overexertion, and make sure your horse gets an adequate cool down after each workout.

Are you looking for summer horse boarding in Alpharetta? Call Chukkar Farm Polo Club.

No Sweat Summer Weddings

No Sweat Summer Weddings

There’s nothing worse than arriving to loved one’s wedding, only to lose focus on the ceremony because of sweltering weather. Summers in Alpharetta are scorchers, but you don’t have to miss out on your ideal barn wedding. Beat the heat with these tricks to cool down a summer wedding.

4 Tricks to Cool Down a Summer Wedding

  1. Shade. This may seem like a no brainer, but if your wedding is scheduled during the daylight hours, make sure there’s plenty of shade. We’re not talking an awning here and there. You can add umbrellas to your wedding decor or just open up the barn, but make sure there’s enough shade for at least the young and elderly guests (and preferably enough for everybody).
  2. fresh lemonade with mintFavors. Get creative with your wedding favors. Hand out program fans so guests can make a breeze. Give guests personalized water bottles before the ceremony. You can also place plastic sunglasses (complete with your wedding date decaled on the frames) or inexpensive parasols at each seat to minimize squinting and leave all eyes on you.
  3. Treats. What’s a great way to cool down guests at a summer wedding (and keep the kids happy until it’s time to cut the cake)? Cold treats! Serve popsicles, gelato, and other sweet, cold treats while your guests wait for you to take wedding pictures. You can even serve fresh lemonade or iced tea during the ceremony.
  4. Sunscreen. It’s a rarity at weddings, but it’s perfectly practical, too. Save your guests from getting sunburnt by putting sunscreen in cute hand-pump containers near the guestbook or drink station.

When you book a wedding at Chukkar Farm, we’ll help make your dreams a reality. Need additional shade, tables for lemonade, or cute decor to complete your rustic wedding? Just ask!

What to Know Before Polo Season Starts

What to Know Before Polo Season Starts

Polo is one of the oldest sports in the world, and also one of the most exciting. It combines all the speed and thrill of hockey and basketball with the grace and power of highly trained horses. Plus, it has divot stomping, the only halftime ritual to include champagne! If thundering down the field on a polo pony, the wind in your hair, as you fight for the glory of your team sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, Chukkar Farm is the place for you.

polo pony leg protectionPolo dates back thousands of years and has remained largely unchanged since it began as a cavalry training exercise in ancient Persia. We’re not training warriors anymore, but polo hasn’t lost its edge. Just like in basketball, players compete fiercely for control of the ball. Doing it on horseback just makes it that much more exciting. Divot stomping at half-time gives spectators the chance to stretch their legs, chat, enjoy a glass of champagne, and make the field safer for horses and riders by repairing holes made in the grass during play.

Here’s a few easy ways to get started with polo at Chukkar Farm:

  • Come see a match. What better way to see what polo is all about? The season starts back on May 7. Watching polo can be just as much fun as playing it. Wear your best hat and come prepared to stomp those divots!
  • Bring a group for one of our Polo Experience Packages. A great step for beginners (even those who have never ridden a horse before). Whether for birthdays, the most unique team-building event ever, or just because, Chukkar Farm group outings are unforgettable.
  • Take some lessons. Chukkar Farm offers polo lessons from an award-winning instructor year-round, for juniors and adults. Never ridden a horse? No equipment? No problem. We provide training and equipment, including polo ponies.

Ready to get started? Call Chukkar Farm Polo Club in Alpharetta.

Activities Abound in Alpharetta This Summer

Activities Abound in Alpharetta This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. How will your kids spend the vacation? Switch off the screens and let them explore their adventurous sides. Summer camp activities abound at Chukkar Farm!

Activities About for Kids in Alpharetta

Do you want your kids to connect with nature, learn new skills, and tap into their creativity? Chukkar Farm summer camp gives kids an opportunity to experience new things, make new friends, and explore the boundless world beyond their door. We have day camps throughout June and July, where kids can go adventuring Monday through Friday from 8:30-3:30. We also have early drop off and extended day camp activities available for kids aged 6-14. But you better hurry! Registration spots are filling up fast.

Summer Day Camp at Chukkar Farm

What are our most popular summer camp activities for kids?

  • Fishing. If you think the kids will get bored sitting by the lake with a pole and fresh bait, think again. Last year the campers had so much fun fishing for bass, crappie, and catfish that we added extra fishing excursions to the schedule.
  • boy practicing archeryArchery. Is your child the next Legolas, Hawkeye, or Katniss Everdeen? Beginners will master the bow in no time with tips from our experienced archery teachers.
  • Hiking. There’s no better way to get around than your own two feet! Kids will hike around the farm all day, from the hardwood forest and hiking trails to the old haunted house on the back of the property.
  • Horseback riding. We are a polo club, after all. Mrs. Sue will teach the kids to respect their animals, stay sure of their seats, and even play a little polo.
  • Sports. Kids can unleash their leadership skills, teamwork, and competitive sides with kickball, soccer, capture the flag, baseball, tennis, water wars, ultimate frisbee, and more.
  • Art. It wouldn’t be camp without crafts. The campers will love incorporating their experiences into creative art pieces using colored pencils, oil pastels, pencils, charcoal, and other basic art supplies.

It’s going to be a summer for the ages! To learn more about Activities Abound summer camp, call Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta.