team buildingSome companies have ‘temporarily’ cut out team building budgets and they are seeing it affect their bottomline, but not in the way they thought. While team building may seem like a waste of time and money, it’s an important part of keeping your employees happy, building healthy relationships.

Crossing Lines

All too often companies get divided among management lines. Lower level employees feel as if they are not on the same team with management, and visa versa. This opens the door for conflict without good communications, which does not facilitate resolution.

A great team building event will blur these lines of responsibility and control. Mixing up teams so that all level of employees are working together will help them learn to communicate more fluidly and therefore have increased productivity.

Changing Leadership

If you’re looking to hire someone new into a leadership role, a team building event is a great interview in disguise. Watch how your employees interact with each other. You may be surprised to notice¬†who steps into the leadership roles that are currently mid or lower level employees.

Thinking Outside the Box

Is your team stuck on a current project? A unique team building event could help you! Problem solving is a developed skill set and just like any other skill, it takes lots of practice to get better and better. Presenting your team with a new challenge at their team building event could help them approach their projects in the office with new ideas, different angles, and increase productivity.

Every company should find the time and budget – however minimal – to host team building events. Let us help you plan your company outing at Chukkar Farm.

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