Cashin’s Sculpture Garden — A Unique Offering In All Of Georgia

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden — A Unique Offering In All Of Georgia

Looking for a bit of serenity in a natural setting combined with a vigorous measure of culture — an experience free of rollerblades, bicyclists and skateboards? Look no further than Cashin’s Sculpture Garden.

On Saturday, May 9th, Chukkar Farm Polo Club & Event Facility will honor several local artists at the Grand Opening Celebration of Cashin’s Sculpture Garden.  For more information on this event, click here.

A repurposed riding path, the Sculpture Trail will be a place to appreciate and reflect on the past and perhaps ponder your near and distant future; a place to introduce children to the value of an artist’s self-expression; a place to remind ourselves the cost of doing without.

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden offers a unique angle to the garden art experience by incorporating large-scale artwork into a natural setting. Great care has been taken to ensure an undisrupted environment — no other garden in the state of Georgia has taken this approach.

Separated into three phases, the first installment will focus on 22 pieces of large-scale art, a formal entry area equipped with seating and 6 rest areas with benches, each painted by individual artists.

The remaining 2 phases will round out to 54 pieces of art, 18 rest and reflection areas, gardens, labyrinths and a maze that will establish Cashin’s Sculpture Garden as an end destination for those seeking a unique experience in Georgia.

If you would like to be a part of this original endeavor, inquire about the many volunteer opportunities by clicking here. Financial contributions can be documented by purchasing one or more bricks on the two legacy walls to be built on either side of the entrance.

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