5 Things To Know About Rustic Weddings

5 Things To Know About Rustic Weddings

There’s something about red doors, a dusty barn and a beautiful countryside that we love so much. Rustic themed weddings have been the craze these days, and we can’t help but be on board. Every wedding has it’s similar timeline to plan, but there’s a few things specific to rustic weddings you should might want to keep in mind…

rustic wedding

  1. Check for heating and air. Barns allow for beautiful indoor receptions and ceremonies, but if your wedding is in the dead heat of summer or the harsh cold of winter, you might want to look into heating and air conditioning! It wouldn’t be fun for guests to sweat or freeze their butts off would it? Fans, space heaters and more can be options for all weather conditions.
  2. You’ll need a food prep area. A downside of barns is that they’re often small; so make sure your caterers have any area to prep the food! Be sure to ask for more information at the venue when you’re booking.
  3. Plumbing and electricity. These are two things we take for granted, but two of the most important things to ask about when booking your venue! Ask if they have plumbing and if they don’t, try renting out portable bathrooms. And power is always a must, especially if you’re thinking about including string lights in your barn wedding.
  4. Check the floors. The floors at rustic weddings and barns can go one of two ways; it’s usually either very polished or very unfinished. It’s something to consider for your shoes, the material of your dress (if it might snag), etc. Ask these types of questions while booking!
  5. The weather. We can’t control the weather, but you can control how the venue reacts to it. Some barns suck in a lot of moisture, and some don’t. This is something to consider depending on seasonality!

We’d love to host your wedding here at Chukkar Farm! Our green barn venue gives it some flair, and we are incredibly flexible! Take a look at our gallery, or see our testimonials.



Another beautiful wedding at Chukkar Farm. This ceremony was hosted under our rustic barn pavilion. With a somewhat smaller invitation list, the couple was able to host their ceremony and reception under the pavilion. Chairs were set up and an altar created over looking the polo field while the far end of the covered area held the tables and chairs where dinner was served. The rows where people sat to enjoy the ceremony were cleared away during dinner to create the perfect dance floor for the reception.

Photography by Peter Togel. 

Chukkar Farm Featured on Snippet and Ink

Chukkar Farm Featured on Snippet and Ink

I’m not sure what I love most about this wedding, the beautiful boho style, the stunning equestrian venue, or the story of how the bride and groom met… thankfully, I don’t have to choose, and neither do you! Read on for all the fun and romantic details, from bride’s charming floral crown to the food truck caterer to the groom’s musical appearance at the reception. So much here to love!
We are honored to recently be featured on the Snippet and Ink blog with Emily and Parker’s wedding. We have to say, we really loved this one too. Emily did a beautiful job of making her wedding both naturally integrated with the surroundings of the old barn, as well as completely unique and one of a kind.

Her Inspiration

Emily says that her inspiration came from a few places: the Instagram feed of the boutique where she purchased her dress, Sentamentalist, her personally chosen bridesmaid dresses, and their juxtaposition with the weathered wood of our old barns. From here, she was able to easily make choices on how the rest of her wedding design would play out. Having such specific places for inspiration makes your decisions as a bride significantly easier so that you aren’t constantly having to make decisions without direction. Strong inspiration keeps your wedding cohesive.
What are your favorite parts about this bohemian naturalist wedding at our rustic barn venue in metro Atlanta? We think the combination of the metallic dresses against the rustic background were ours.

2017 Wedding Trends To Note!

As we head into the New Year, wedding specialists are on the hunt for new trends; and if you’re trying to stay in the loop, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few trends to look out for in 2017 from your favorite wedding experts!

2017 wedding trends georgia

  1. A color comeback. Color is making a massive comeback, and we’re all about it! We’re seeing a lot less white weddings and a lot more colorful florals, centerpieces and lighting. We’re also seeing an increase in varied bridesmaid dresses and more in-depth color schemes.
  2. New destinations. When you think of a getaway wedding, you think tropical (Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc). But did you know that Canada, Iceland and Italy are emerging as top destination wedding locations? Something to think about!
  3. Top-down decor. People are starting to get creative with their ceilings! Whereas in year’s past the centerpieces and wall-decor were of main priority, chandeliers and top-down pieces are becoming more trendy. We’ve seen a lot of Christmas lights, DIY chandelier centerpieces and more continuing to trend in 2017!
  4. Buffett style and finger foods. In years past, a full course sit-down meal has been the standard. But due to prices and for the sake of time, many wedding planners are choosing to do a help yourself buffett style, and providing finger foods before and after the ceremony! We’re also seeing more dynamic desserts, with doughnut cakes or cookies instead of a traditional wedding cake.
  5. Two piece wedding gowns. A traditional gown will always be a favorite; but we’ve also been seeing tons of two piece wedding gown sets! It definitely makes a statement and looks gorgeous for brides who are trying to be trendy!

What adds to your trendy 2017? A trendy venue of course! Chukkar Farm is a unique and special venue that helps compliment your personal style. We’re already booking for a ton of 2017 weddings and we’re excited to talk to you about how we can help! We’re located in Alpharetta, GA and book weddings all year around!

Thank You!

We love hosting weddings at Chukkar Farm. The transformation that we make almost every weekend during wedding season from horse farm and polo facility to wedding fairytale is magical. But, the thing that really makes these events magical is the love between bride and groom and their two families coming together as one. We recently received a thank you letter from one of our brides, that we just had to share – the feeling is mutual Paige!

Hi Cara –

This thank you is so very long overdue!  I wanted to thank you and every member of the Chukkar Farm family for making our wedding day truly magnificent!
We knew that Chukkar was special the moment we first visited your venue, and every time we visited in preparation for the wedding, we got the same feeling over again.  There is something so comfortable and even spiritual about the farm.  In fact, during our ceremony, just as our officiant was pronouncing us husband and wife, the wind picked up (which had been still the entire ceremony) – several guests commented on how it felt like the trees were singing with their blessings! We’ll cherish that moment forever!
Our guests continue to gush over how incredibly gorgeous the farm is, and the decorations were PERFECT!  You truly took everything that we talked about and made it come to life, except better than I could have ever imagined!  Working with every member of your staff was a bride’s dream come true – so kind and truly concerned with making every detail exactly as we described.  We cannot thank you all enough!
I’m emailing you from my actual email address so we can keep in touch (the wedding email will be phased out over time… so sad!).  Dave and I have talked about maybe coming out for polo lessons in the spring, and will definitely want to keep up with y’all!  Now that the wedding is over, we will miss having an excuse to make a quick trip out to the farm!
Seriously, thank you so much for everything from the bottom of our hearts.  Y’all were truly such an integral and important part of our planning process and wedding day. We are so blessed to have found y’all at Chukkar Farm for our wedding!
Hope to see you again very soon!

Planning a Fall Wedding

Keep WarmAn outdoor wedding in rustic North Georgia is perfect in the fall as the seasons change, symbolizing this momentous change in your own life. Have a beautiful wedding that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives by incorporating these outdoor wedding tips into your special day.

Use Nature as a Guide

Do not attempt to fight or compete with the nature around you. Georgia trees will feature a range of colors, including burnt orange, light orange and yellow. Work with this color scheme when adding decorations. Put flowers of the same hue over your arbor at the altar. Adorn wedding guest chairs with a few such flowers on the backs of the chairs. Feature the beautiful backdrop in your wedding photos.

Use Fresh Centerpieces

A Georgia autumn is synonymous with a nice harvest. Merge these two worlds together by featuring luscious produce as part of your decor. Adorn the buffet table with whole pumpkins, ears of corn and gourds. Heirloom pumpkins provide an elegant touch to the scene. You can even carve out love birds, initials or pretty messages in the pumpkins. Use fresh peaches or apples as part of your centerpieces.

Personalize It

Weddings should take your personal situation and love story into account. Include autumn-themed picture frames with photos of your guests as the place cards. You can also use seed paper or other fall-inspired stationery in which you include your guest’s name and special words of wisdom from your guests. Alternatively, have all of your guests sign a fall-inspired album in which they jot down their tips and advice for a successful marriage.

A fall wedding in rustic North Georgia can provide you with the wedding that you have always dreamed about. Contact us to schedule your wedding date.


The Fairy Tale

Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl on their first date. Girl says yes. And that’s how the fairy tale begins.

Austin and Erin got married at Chukkar Farm under a tent and our covered pavilion. It’s a good thing they say rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding, because they got plenty of it! Their wedding was absolutely beautiful. They didn’t mind that the rain was pouring down on them as their love showered upon each other and they were surrounding by the love of their family and friends. The clouds party and they were able to enjoy their reception with the sun shining down on their new relationship. They danced the night away and started the first day of the rest of their, ‘happily ever after.’

Chukkar Farm’s wedding venue is perfect for outdoor barn weddings. We’ll help you plan ahead to be sure that your wedding party doesn’t end up in the rain! Cara Tadsen, our event coordinator, will help connect you with reputable vendors that have visited Chukkar Farm previously and left nothing but positive impressions. We even have a baker in the family that offers wedding cakes to Chukkar Farm brides! Her signature cake is absolutely to die for. From tent rentals to photographers, food trucks to caterers, Chukkar Farm can help connect you with the right people – but you are always welcome to use anyone that you’d prefer!

Call us today to schedule an appointment to tour Chukkar Farm. Our 2016 is already filling up, so come now before your desired wedding date is snatched up by another wonderful Atlanta, GA bride. 

A Horse Lover’s Wedding

A Horse Lover’s Wedding

In April of last year, Carol Carter had the wedding of her dreams.  With 10 lovely attendants in tow, she then wed the man of her dreams.

As a horse lover, Carol knew Chukkar Farm was the perfect rustic wedding venue to suit her needs.  Our lush green fields were the ideal backdrop against the pristine white of her wedding dress and the stained green barn really made those 10 lipstick pink dresses pop.

Carol shared with us a few pictures — and a few words, too — showing their wedding day was as romantic as planned.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since our wedding [at] Chukkar Farms! I wanted to share some pics with you (I have tons more too!) … my guests had the best time at your venue and April 26, 2014 was perfect!  Thank you so much for everything!!”

Whether you want a rustic wedding or a formal wedding in a rustic venue, Chukkar Farm can accommodate and complement the event.  Wedding ideas are a Chukkar Farm forte and we are happy to share them with you.  Click here for more information on what you can expect from a horse farm wedding.

At Chukkar Farm Polo Club and Event Facility, your imagination is the only limitation.

A Chukkar Farm Barn Wedding

A Chukkar Farm Barn Wedding

If you have never been to a Chukkar Farm outdoor wedding, discover what makes this barn wedding venue so special.


Because this past winter was the perfect inspiration to portray the wonderment of a Chukkar Farm country wedding, we tasked photographer Jonathan Phillips to capture and document what we believe to be the finest elements of any commitment ceremony at Chukkar Farm Polo Club and Event Facility.


With cooperative weather, staging by Donna McGee of Whimsy Corners and a few models in character, we generated motivation and “farm wedding inspiration” for those recently engaged or merely dreaming of “the day” – at Chukkar Farm.


Resources Within


We are fortunate to be within close proximity to the largest city in the southeast where a plethora of event resources are within easy reach. But no one had to reach too far past farm gates to create this country wedding retreat.


Cara Cashin Tadsen, the event manager for Chukkar Farm set the tone and then tapped her sister, Heath Cashin of Cake To Die For to produce a wedding cake that tasted even better than it looked awesome.


A Chukkar Farm wedding offers any couple the versatility to seamlessly blend a casual event with more formal components. Soft pinks, creamy whites, subtle yellows and blues align perfectly with the natural elements of caramel and chestnut, all held against the backdrop of horse-farm-green pastures.


Ahhh, yes …. that’s a Chukkar Farm wedding.


Photo Shoot