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Horse Farm WeddingChoosing the right venue for your wedding can be difficult. You have just the right place in your head, but you are having a hard time finding it in person! Let us give you a little information about what we have to offer at Chukkar Farm – then come see us in person and let us know if our farm matches your dream wedding.

Polo Fields

One of the most iconic areas to get married at Chukkar Farm is right in the middle of our polo field. This is a popular venue for spring and summer brides when the grass is full and bright green. It makes for gorgeous photos with the blue sky background on a sunny day.


One of the most interesting areas to get married at Chukkar Farm would be in any one of our many pastures. We recently had a bride that was looking for a very specific large oak tree to get married under. When she asked us if we had one, we told her she could pick from anything she could find! We were thrilled when she found that ‘perfect tree’ with the draping branches to cast shade over her and her bridal party as she said her vows.


A great option in case of rain for the ceremony, many brides like to use the pavilion for their reception. It’s the perfect space for the food and catering as well since there is an attached kitchen area for food prep. It is an open air structure, but we also offer heavy drapes to add shelter, and portable heaters keep the space quite warm on cool nights.

Club House

Another option for food prep, we most often have the club house used as the bridal suite. Brides can enojy having this whole space for themselves and their bridesmaids while their groom dresses and prepares off site. There is even refrigerators and a bar area to keep the refreshments flowing during this exciting time. We’ve also hosted unique rehearsal dinners in the club house and on the front porch.

Pasture Outdoor WeddingChapel

The chapel is a smaller structure in one of our pastures that brings the feel of a rustic church right into the north Georgia outdoors. It does not have sides, but offers a roof. Excellent for smaller ceremonies, but can also accommodate larger groups.

Call us today to schedule your personal tour of the Chukkar Farm wedding facilities.



Another beautiful wedding at Chukkar Farm. This ceremony was hosted under our rustic barn pavilion. With a somewhat smaller invitation list, the couple was able to host their ceremony and reception under the pavilion. Chairs were set up and an altar created over looking the polo field while the far end of the covered area held the tables and chairs where dinner was served. The rows where people sat to enjoy the ceremony were cleared away during dinner to create the perfect dance floor for the reception.

Photography by Peter Togel. 

Chukkar Farm Featured on Snippet and Ink

Chukkar Farm Featured on Snippet and Ink

I’m not sure what I love most about this wedding, the beautiful boho style, the stunning equestrian venue, or the story of how the bride and groom met… thankfully, I don’t have to choose, and neither do you! Read on for all the fun and romantic details, from bride’s charming floral crown to the food truck caterer to the groom’s musical appearance at the reception. So much here to love!
We are honored to recently be featured on the Snippet and Ink blog with Emily and Parker’s wedding. We have to say, we really loved this one too. Emily did a beautiful job of making her wedding both naturally integrated with the surroundings of the old barn, as well as completely unique and one of a kind.

Her Inspiration

Emily says that her inspiration came from a few places: the Instagram feed of the boutique where she purchased her dress, Sentamentalist, her personally chosen bridesmaid dresses, and their juxtaposition with the weathered wood of our old barns. From here, she was able to easily make choices on how the rest of her wedding design would play out. Having such specific places for inspiration makes your decisions as a bride significantly easier so that you aren’t constantly having to make decisions without direction. Strong inspiration keeps your wedding cohesive.
What are your favorite parts about this bohemian naturalist wedding at our rustic barn venue in metro Atlanta? We think the combination of the metallic dresses against the rustic background were ours.
What Makes a Wedding?

What Makes a Wedding?

ptp-relyea-marr-20160417-00818First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.

We all know the old nursery rhyme. We’ve heard it since we were children ourselves – and for many girls, making that nursery rhyme come to life has been one of their most cherished dreams. And now – it’s here! She’s found her love, and now she gets to have a wedding to begin her marriage to her true love. But, what is it that makes a wedding? What makes it stick in the memories of not only the bride and groom, but the memory of all of your family and friends that attend to support the never ending partnership of two people?

Chukkar Farm has seen a lot of weddings in our time, let us share with you what we’ve seen that makes a wedding.

A Happy Couple

Of course it all starts here. We have had some of the most fun with couples where both the bride and groom are involved in the planning process. We’ve seen this relieve much stress off of the bride and also it gives the couple their first big project that they have to complete together that should represent the both of them from beginning to end. Compromise is key here!

Supportive Family

What would we do without our families? Chukkar Farm is a family owned and operated business so we well understand the importance of having a family that works well together. We love to see it when both sides of the new family come together to make wedding day not only successful, but an integration of all of the new family members.

Generous Friends

Friends are the family that you got to choose for yourself – and without these good friends, many a Chukkar Farm wedding may not have been! When it’s 10 minutes before you’re supposed to walk down the aisle and you don’t have ‘something borrowed,’ your maid of honor surely will lend her best earrings. When the groom realizes he’s left the rings at home, one of the groomsmen is off in a hurry to fetch them. It’s these best friends that not only make up your bridal party, but also come to support your union that will encourage you down your path with your partner for the rest of your lives.

Come visit Chukkar Farm and see how we can help you make your wedding the one of your dreams!

The Groom’s Speech

The Groom’s Speech

513568276_45dc12ed4d_bWe offer a lot of advice, tips, and tricks to mainly brides here at Chukkar Farm because we will be honest – that’s who is typically most involved in the wedding planning process. But, of course there wouldn’t be a wedding without a groom! So, we’ve rounded up some tips on one of your hardest parts of your wedding – the grooms speech.

1. Give the Speech

Yes, really. No matter how afraid you are of public speaking, this is one speech in your life you can’t talk your way out of (no pun intended). So, make sure it’s a good one by planning it ahead of time, and rehearsing it. That’s what your best man is for – helping you knock these ‘tough’ wedding moments out of the park.

2. Tell Her You Love Her

This may be a no brainer for some – but it’s not for others so we just couldn’t leave it out. No matter how much you try to avoid the sweet, cliche comments about how you’re the luckiest man in the world, or she makes you wobbly at the knees, now is the time to lay it all out!

3. Make it Funny

Tell a good joke – but not a generic one. Tell a funny story about your early dating lives or how you first met. Make it something that won’t embarrass either one of you (too much) but will still get your friends and family laughing and feeling like you shared an intimate story of the two of you as a couple.

4. Keep it Simple – and Short

The outline looks like this: intro, thank yous to in-laws and guests, funny anecdote about your wife, tell your wife how much you love her. The end.

Easy – right?

Img via Omar G! on Flickr CC 2.0

5 Things You Should Know as a Chukkar Farm Wedding Guest

Rustic Charm at Chukkar FarmChukkar Farm weddings are different than any other wedding you’ve probably ever been to. We are a working polo farm – that means our barns, barn yards, and pastures actually have horses in them and are used by horses and riders every day. With this in mind – and a few other items – you should know that not only is this an extremely unique wedding venue for brides, but it’s extremely unique for their guests.

To make your evening at the farm as enjoyable as possible, we’ve put together a few suggestions for you from tips and ideas from our recent wedding guests.

1.Leave Your Stilettos at Home

We know – they are beautiful and you rarely have an occasion to wear them. But we promise, this isn’t the occasion.  You’ll be walking up a gravel road to enter the wedding area and may even be walking across grass fields for your bride’s reception or ceremony. Grass and high heels just don’t mix well.

2. Dress for the Weather

We do our best to help brides prepare for any weather that may arise during their ceremony but unfortunately, there are no guarantees. Make sure that you’re dressed for the weather as it will play a large role in the wedding day.

3. Park in the Polo Arena

When you approach Chukkar Farm you will initially see the entrance to our main barn on your left. Please keep driving another 1/4 mile to our lower entrance where we will guide you to our parking area in the polo arena.

4. Relax and Have Fun!

Chukkar Farm has hosted many a black tie affair (and we love them) but most of the time, weddings at our Alpharetta, GA facility are friend and family oriented and geared towards making your comfortable and helping you enjoy the evening. So please, let your hair down and enjoy! The bride and groom will love to see you having a great time at the party they planned – for you!


Wedding Wonderland

10442360_10100106435614482_7821189379324383239_n…I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you did for us during our wedding preparations and on our wedding day!   We were so blessed by you and your family and your farm.  It was the most perfect day!    Justin and I feel so at home when we are there.   We hope to come watch a polo match sometime this summer and maybe come to a concert one Saturday night when you are doing that.   We could not have chosen a better place to have the ceremony and reception to celebrate the first moments of our long happy marriage together. Thank you again! Blessings!


We love to hear from our brides here at Chukkar Farm Polo Club and Event Venue. Located on 173 beautiful, manicured rolling acres in Alpharetta, GA, Chukkar Farm is a perfect venue for your outdoor barn wedding. 

At Chukkar Farm, your possibilities are almost limitless. There are so many locations on our property that are perfect for your ceremony and reception. Whether you opt to host your ceremony on the Polo field or in a pasture and move your party up to the pavilion or club house for the reception, or if you want to get married right at the barn and have your reception under the stars in the barn yard, it is all up to you! We try to be as flexible as possible so that your big day can be everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be.

Please browse through our wedding galleries, other testimonials, and see our wedding page to visit all of the blogs we are so thankful to have been featured in. To see if your preferred date is available, go to our calendar page and to make your reservation, either fill out our contact form or call Cara Tadsen at (770) 833-1283. Cara is always out and about on the farm, but leave her a message and she will be sure to call you back!

Saving the Date

MKSadler_AK_Web--3Congratulations! You’ve been able to book your perfect wedding venue and now you can move on to the next step – informing your guests. Sending out save the dates is a great way to get an initial head count on who may be able to attend, and make sure that your friends and family put your big day on their calendar and plan around it. We often see brides who tend to make save the date faux pas, so let us help you with these simple tips.

Include the Location

Especially if you’re inviting people from out of town, or even in town, including the location is essential on the save the date. This allows your guests to plan for travel time in advance.

Plus One

If you have guests that you know will be bringing a plus one, go ahead and let them know now. That way they can plan for their travel as well.

Too Late

We hear all too often of brides that couldn’t decide on their invitation suite so their save the dates went out too late. Getting out these notes as early as possible will ensure that all of your friends and family can make it.

Personalize It

Even if your save the dates don’t match your wedding colors or exactly match your invitations, do something that instantly says “us” to your guests.

Sending a Save the Date – But Not an Invite

If you have some people on your invitation lists that are ‘maybes,’ don’t include them in your save the date mailings. These are the people you invite with your second round of invitations after you’ve already gotten back your first round of ‘regrets.’

How Are You Going to do It?

How Are You Going to do It?

Rustic Charm at Chukkar FarmAlright gentlemen – it’s time. You’ve been dating for long enough and you just know she’s the one. But now, you’ve got to ask the question. Are your knees shaking yet? Your palms sweaty? What’s the worry – you know she’s going to say yes, but we know you want to do it in a way that she will never forget. Let the ‘love experts’ at Chukkar Farm give you a few fool-proof proposal ideas on how to pop the question to your lovely bride to be.

1. Surprise Her

Even if she says she hates surprises – this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events that should be surrounded by excitement and not just one more thing she crosses off her list of things to do in a day.

2. Avoid The ‘Stadium’ Proposal

Unless you’re 10,000% sure the answer is yes, and you both happen to love being the center of attention, popping the question in front of a lot of people – whether strangers or friends – puts all kinds of unnecessary pressure on her to give you the ‘right’ answer.

3. Make it Personal

The best proposals are the ones that involve future groom thinking long and hard about what future wife loves, who she is, what she enjoys. Spend time thinking about all the little things that make her who she is and use those clues to personalize your proposal into an event that shows her you truly love everything about her.

4. Make it Last

What do we mean? Remember that after you pop the question, the proposal isn’t over. This is a moment that you will both want to savor, so make sure you allow time for that. Whether you just want to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening going through your regular routine together, or you want to continue to plan something unique for the day is up to you. Decide based on your bride, your relationship, and who the two of you are together.

Then, get ready for wedding planning!

2017 Wedding Trends To Note!

As we head into the New Year, wedding specialists are on the hunt for new trends; and if you’re trying to stay in the loop, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few trends to look out for in 2017 from your favorite wedding experts!

2017 wedding trends georgia

  1. A color comeback. Color is making a massive comeback, and we’re all about it! We’re seeing a lot less white weddings and a lot more colorful florals, centerpieces and lighting. We’re also seeing an increase in varied bridesmaid dresses and more in-depth color schemes.
  2. New destinations. When you think of a getaway wedding, you think tropical (Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc). But did you know that Canada, Iceland and Italy are emerging as top destination wedding locations? Something to think about!
  3. Top-down decor. People are starting to get creative with their ceilings! Whereas in year’s past the centerpieces and wall-decor were of main priority, chandeliers and top-down pieces are becoming more trendy. We’ve seen a lot of Christmas lights, DIY chandelier centerpieces and more continuing to trend in 2017!
  4. Buffett style and finger foods. In years past, a full course sit-down meal has been the standard. But due to prices and for the sake of time, many wedding planners are choosing to do a help yourself buffett style, and providing finger foods before and after the ceremony! We’re also seeing more dynamic desserts, with doughnut cakes or cookies instead of a traditional wedding cake.
  5. Two piece wedding gowns. A traditional gown will always be a favorite; but we’ve also been seeing tons of two piece wedding gown sets! It definitely makes a statement and looks gorgeous for brides who are trying to be trendy!

What adds to your trendy 2017? A trendy venue of course! Chukkar Farm is a unique and special venue that helps compliment your personal style. We’re already booking for a ton of 2017 weddings and we’re excited to talk to you about how we can help! We’re located in Alpharetta, GA and book weddings all year around!