A horse is a thing of beauty … none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor …. Xenophon.

GERL Rescue

On Sunday, July 19th, Jack Cashin and his crew will, once again, host an exhibition polo match for the benefit of the Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL).  As a responsible equestrian facility, Chukkar Farm recognizes the value of rescue horses by supporting the accomplishments of the League.


An Entertaining Event for the Entire Family

An event for the entire family, bring your lawn chairs and picnic basket, your love for horses and a zest for the game. Flea Market and Silent Auction proceeds will also aid in GERL efforts. For more information on this event, click here.


Georgia Equine Rescue League

One of the most successful equine rescue organizations in Georgia, GERL efforts include the Stallion to Gelding Program, a successful force of volunteer foster homes, horse adoption and the Feed A Horse initiative where independent donated funds — quite literally — feed a horse.


A horse dies from starvation and neglect in the state of Georgia every day. With the demise of the slaughterhouse industry in the US and an increase in backyard horse breeding, these majestic animals are frequently discarded to barren and exposed fields, left to systematically and alarmingly decline into a state of desperation.


To learn more about this organization devoted to not only horse rescue, but horse control, visit their website by clicking here.


Please be advised that Polo matches and practices are not presently open to spectators.

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