After the initial giddiness of your dream proposal fades, it’s time to get down to the business of planning. Planning a wedding is an exciting prospect for many brides, a season filled with close friends, elegant decor, and the occasional free food at cake and caterer tastings. But with so much to do and so many Pinterest boards to find, things can get overwhelming fast. If you’re looking for the best rustic wedding ideas, check out our favorite wedding blogs.

Rustic Wedding Chic

Horse Farm WeddingWhen you get engaged, the first item on your to-do list is to pop the champagne with your family, friends, and new fiancé. The second item is to book a venue. Your wedding venue will determine what kind of dress to buy, what type of food to serve, and how you style everything from the flowers to the cutlery. Meet Rustic Wedding Chic, your new best friend. This blog offers wedding ideas based on location and scenery, so you can create the perfect moment for the venue you’ve chosen.

Rustic Weddings

Get the dish on other couples’ big moments with a blog that blends classic elegance, current trends, and heart-fluttering romance. Rustic Weddings is our pick for extending that new ring giddiness (while still tackling your to-do list).

Rustic Folk Weddings

Brides often plan weddings around details they’ve been dreaming about for decades. If you’ve already chosen your color-scheme, wedding theme, or seasonal touches, then Rustic Wedding Folks will help you fill in the gaps to craft a wedding style that’s all your own.

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