14925254_1255142824532310_8947002916656371620_nOn All Hallows Eve you never know what will be astir in the north Georgia woods – but here at Chukkar Farm you can count on us stirring up some chili! Join us on October 30th for a chili cook off and special Halloween polo match.

The fun and games will begin at 2:00 pm for our weekly polo match but in addition to the normal fun you’ve grown to love and expect, we will be celebrating Halloween with a chili cook off and bon fire. Bring your friends, bring your family, and BYOB to celebrate with us.

Do you have a famous family chili recipe? We would love for you to bring it by! Join in on the chili cook off competition and let every one try out your special dish. The tasting will start during the polo match and we will vote on winners afterwards (because players don’t want to miss out on the tasting opportunity!)

We will close the night out enjoying each others company around a bon fire. Bring s’mores, your favorite beverages or treats, and will will do our own version of ‘trick-or-treat.’

Happy Halloween! We can’t wait to see you here at Chukkar Farm on October 30th for our Hallows Eve celebration! For more information on our Sunday polo matches, check out all of our information on polo. Do you want a chance to play for yourself? Join us for polo lessons with your friends, family, or company. We coordinate corporate events that you and your team will never forget.

Polo matches and practices are NOW OPEN to spectators.

Please note, we are working with the county to acquire a permit for weddings and concerts. Until our permit is issued we will not be able to host any weddings or concerts.

Thanks for your understanding. We will update here when we are open for weddings and concerts again.

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