“To witness miracles unfold in your experience, count your blessings and be thankful. Perceived small blessings accumulate to be the most powerful.”
T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with “The Divine Presence”

Polo for ParkinsonsThe miracles that we have experienced here at Chukkar Farm during 2014 have been too numerous to count! We are so thankful for everyone who has spent time with us at the farm this year. Here are some of our most memorable moments from 2014:

 Helen’s passing

Helen Cashin was loved by many and cherished by her children. Her passing earlier this year was hard on the family, but the celebration of her life was exactly as she would have wanted it. Thank you to all the friends that traveled from near and far to share their memories of her and stories of how she impacted their lives.

More Music

For several seasons we have enjoyed hearing the tunes of James Casto winding their way through the oak trees and floating over the polo fields. This year, we were thrilled to add a second night of James Casto’s music and a whole new concert series, Atlanta Plays it Forward! If you haven’t joined us for one of these magical evenings yet, be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming season!

Many “I do”s

We love weddings! It’s not just because of the beautiful day, but we love seeing two families become one, meeting so many wonderful, creative, and kind people from the wedding party, their family and friends, and getting to know all of the uniquely talented vendors that all come together to make the bride’s dream a reality.

Seeing Non-Profits Succeed

We are truly blessed here at Chukkar Farm to have such a unique facility that we can help non-profit organizations raise money for their missions through our Chukkars for Charity. This season we helped the Parkinson’s foundation, a children’s dance group, and local schools. Many of these are annual events so go ahead and put them on your calendar for next year!

Through all of these amazing events, we’ve gotten to spend time with our horses and friends – both new and old – enjoy playing polo on Sundays, throughout the week in our many lessons and practice sessions, and simply enjoyed the unique life of living on a farm in north Georgia.

Polo matches and practices are NOW OPEN to spectators.

Please note, we are working with the county to acquire a permit for weddings and concerts. Until our permit is issued we will not be able to host any weddings or concerts.

Thanks for your understanding. We will update here when we are open for weddings and concerts again.

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