All things wedding seem to be in the blood of the Cashin family. When Jack Cashin fist built Chukkar Farm, he had originally envisioned a polo facility but as time passed, Jack and his family realized that what Jack had actually built was a premiere outdoor wedding venue in north Georgia. As the dates on the calendar filled in, ‘wedding day’ became a family affair. Cara coordinates, her daughter is a planner, and her sister, Heath, bakes cakes!

When I was 10, I realized I had 32 sweet teeth.

Heath grew up with her Mom cooking huge meals for families and friends – and she didn’t leave out dessert. When the family owned and ran the Cashin restaurants, Mrs. Cashin was the official restaurant baker, creating decadent cakes and sweets that were always a huge hit with customers. “When I was 10, I realized I had 32 sweet teeth,” said Heath, when she discusses why she started baking. She loved making beautiful and delicious desserts to share with her family.

After Heath started her own family and the Cashin restaurants shut their doors, she decided she wanted to stay in the baking industry. After she learned to decorate, she realized that her passion was in creating beautiful, delicious wedding cakes – but you might convince her to make some toffee or brownies on a Sunday afternoon. Her signature cake is unique – a vanilla type cake, with just a hint of almond. Usually, once a bride has tasted this signature cake, they’ve made their decision. She prefers to decorate with buttercream icing and is happy to coordinate with the florist for a cake topper.

While Heath’s home base is Chukkar Farm, she will bake cakes for any wedding, anywhere. She even went up to Cleveland to do one last year for a friend! If you’re interested in working with Heath on a wedding cake, all she asks is that you bring her some photos of what you have in mind – and make sure you taste her signature cake. If you have your heart set on other flavors, she can accommodate those as well. As far as colors go, she can help create a cake that matches your decorations, your dress, or your flowers.

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