Horse Farm WeddingThe holidays are closing in on us – did you know that Christmas and the New Year are the most common times of the year for proposals to happen? If the holidays aren’t enough for you to start thinking that he may be getting down on one knee soon, if you notice some of these trends from your boyfriend, you might want to hurry to that mani-pedi and to the salon so you’re looking perfect for that special moment.

    1. Your Jewelry Box is Moved

    He has to figure out your ring size some how so he’s probably borrowed a ring to take to the jewelers for sizing. Hopefully it just doesn’t lose it by the time he’s done with it.

    2. His Cell Phone is Suddenly Missing

    He’s never been weird about his cell phone before, but now he is very cautious about you coming anywhere near it. There’s probably top secret information on there about your ring or the proposal.

    3. He’s Talking to Your Family – A Lot

    It’s a southern thing – your man needs to ask your father for his approval. And so, he’s doing it but first, he wants to make sure that your dad actually likes him so he’s spending a little extra time and effort to chat with him.

    4. He’s Suddenly In Charge of Vacation Plans

    Has he never wanted to come to your family’s house for the holiday and now he’s planning the whole trip? That’s a good indicator that he’s got something up his sleeve.

    5. He’s Down on One Knee – With The Ring

    Pretty sure sign it’s time for you to say, “Yes!”

    When you finally get that beautiful piece of bling you’ve been hoping for, give us a call at Chukkar Farm. We still have a few 2017 wedding dates open and we would love to give you a tour and see if we are what you’re looking for in a wedding venue.