13422426_592223507611734_3588703973657274380_oGeorgia weather is unpredictable at best, and downright fickle at worst. You could be planning for a cool fall wedding in October and end up getting married at 2:00 pm under a blazing sun with a high of 80 degrees. No one likes a melting bride. Check out these tricks for helping you and your guests stay cool when the temperatures jump to unexpected highs.

Personal Fans

It’s a southern thing – and it’s a perfect wedding idea. Turn your programs into hand fans by attaching a small paint stick or popsicle stick. This way, your guests can fan themselves cool during the times of your wedding while they are required to be in the sun.

Electric Fans

Once things move towards an area where electricity is an option, be sure to have electric fans ready to plug in and turn on a cool breeze to blow through your reception. Even if you were thinking that the weatherman would provide it for you, we’ve seen some stifling wedding and those are no fun.


A great way to avoid the blistering heat is to make sure that all of your activities and ceremonies are under some kind of shade. Not only will your guests thank you, but your photographer will as well. It’s difficult to get nice photos in a high contrast situation. You’ll be much happier with the way your photos turn out under just a little bit of shade or cloud cover.

Have you been to a wedding in the heat? Did you see any great ideas that helped the guests stay cool? Share them below!

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