If you think you roast during the summer, you have nothing on your horse. Horses are equipped for colder weather, with an insulating coat and body heat that builds up fast, especially during exertion. It’s crucial for horse owners to take special care to keep horses from getting overheated during the summer.

4 Summer Care Tips for Horses

  1. horse in barnHydrate your horses. Dehydration is a big risk for horses in the summer, especially when they’re exercising. Make sure your horse has access to plenty of water. You know the old saying, “You can lead your horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? If your horse isn’t drinking enough water (as often happens when traveling), help your horse stay hydrated by keeping the water supply clean, soaking forage cubes, and making sure your horse takes in plenty of electrolytes with its water.
  2. Supply shade. You may think your horse gets plenty of shade in the barn, but make sure there’s shade available when you turn out, too. The summer sun can get sweltering, and if there aren’t trees or lean-tos, your horse may get overheated.
  3. Keep air flowing. A barn may have shade, but without adequate airflow, it can quickly becoming stifling. Keep the flies off and the air cool by opening barn doors and turning on a fan.
  4. Sidestep heat stress. To prevent heat stress in your horse, train in the morning or evening when the day is cooler. Shorten workouts to prevent overexertion, and make sure your horse gets an adequate cool down after each workout.

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