Beth MillwoodIf you’ve been to Chukkar Farm for any of our Sunday polo matches, a corporate event, or even a polo lesson you have surely met the outgoing, knowledgeable, and friendly face of Beth Millwood. Beth has been an integral part of the Chukkar Farm family since 2001 and hasn’t been able to stay away since.
Beth has been a horse person since the beginning.
 “When I was a little girl, all I wanted for Christmas was a horse. We lived on a golf course. I would keep it in the garage during the day and let it out on the golf course at night.”
Her dreams didn’t end when she went off to college. In her first year, her grades took a back seat to her position on the equestrian team. She spent mornings, nights, and weekends at the barn. After she graduated from college, she went on to law school and she didn’t let that course load stop her from riding either. While in law school, she leased horses and set up her classes so that she would have plenty of time to ride throughout the week. For her 30th birthday she bought herself her first horse – Risky Transaction. He was spoiled rotten! Every Monday he got a massage (most people don’t get massages that often!) Then, Beth met Sue, and Sue introduced her to the Chukkar Farm family.
As soon as Beth saw how much her horse loved the farm, she knew she could never leave. She soon started as one of the Chukkar Farm riding instructors and set the record for most lessons taught in a day, 38 to be exact! To be fair, it was 19 lessons and two birthday parties, but that is a lot of kids and ponies to keep in line for one day! The more time Beth spent at Chukkar, the more she fell in love both with the people and with the sport of Polo.
She has been to Argentina to play twice. She has played in Wellington, Austin, and Sarasota. And that’s only the beginning! Now, the Cashins are her family and polo is the love of her life. She intends to continue to play for as long as she can. Beth shares her love of the game and love of horses as one of our polo instructors, polo experience, and team building event facilitator.
Come on out to Chukkar Farm for a day of polo. Bring your friends, family, or co-workers to make memories that will last a lifetime and make sure you ask Beth about her golf course horse when you see her!
Photo Compliments of Paul Courtney

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