There’s nothing worse than arriving to loved one’s wedding, only to lose focus on the ceremony because of sweltering weather. Summers in Alpharetta are scorchers, but you don’t have to miss out on your ideal barn wedding. Beat the heat with these tricks to cool down a summer wedding.

4 Tricks to Cool Down a Summer Wedding

  1. Shade. This may seem like a no brainer, but if your wedding is scheduled during the daylight hours, make sure there’s plenty of shade. We’re not talking an awning here and there. You can add umbrellas to your wedding decor or just open up the barn, but make sure there’s enough shade for at least the young and elderly guests (and preferably enough for everybody).
  2. fresh lemonade with mintFavors. Get creative with your wedding favors. Hand out program fans so guests can make a breeze. Give guests personalized water bottles before the ceremony. You can also place plastic sunglasses (complete with your wedding date decaled on the frames) or inexpensive parasols at each seat to minimize squinting and leave all eyes on you.
  3. Treats. What’s a great way to cool down guests at a summer wedding (and keep the kids happy until it’s time to cut the cake)? Cold treats! Serve popsicles, gelato, and other sweet, cold treats while your guests wait for you to take wedding pictures. You can even serve fresh lemonade or iced tea during the ceremony.
  4. Sunscreen. It’s a rarity at weddings, but it’s perfectly practical, too. Save your guests from getting sunburnt by putting sunscreen in cute hand-pump containers near the guestbook or drink station.

When you book a wedding at Chukkar Farm, we’ll help make your dreams a reality. Need additional shade, tables for lemonade, or cute decor to complete your rustic wedding? Just ask!

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