Candlelight Wedding CeremonyWe have had some of the most beautiful weddings here at Chukkar Farm. We have worked with grooms who are active military, young brides who are embarking on a new journey with the man of their dreams, and two families of cultures that are half a world apart. Each and every one of the ceremonies at Chukkar Farm has been beautiful, unique, and we have been very thankful to be a part of the joining of two people in love. Each of these weddings has also had its own unique touch on theme, style, and decorations. But, there are a few types of weddings that we have yet to host here at Chukkar, and we are hoping that someone will pick up this idea and run with it: a candle light summer ceremony. 

Georgia Summer Evening Wedding Ceremony

The summer evenings in Georgia are the stuff of country music songs – literally. With that in mind, what better time to host your rustic wedding ceremony? Summer evenings bring with them a cool breeze and a sky full of hundreds of thousands of stars. You and your guests will be serenaded by a symphony of crickets as the sunsets over the north Georgia hills and gives your wedding ceremony a back drop of a sky on fire.

Light Up The Night

As the sun sinks down below the Georgia pines, light up your reception with a sea of candles. To make your twinkling evening a success, there are some key things that you should keep in mind:

  • Who is going to light all of the candles? It’s a good project to assign to someone you want involved in your wedding, but couldn’t ask to be officially part of the wedding party. Be careful asking a bridesmaid or groomsman to do it – you don’t want them off lighting candles while you’re trying to get wedding party shots with your photographer.
  • Make sure that you have enough candles for your guests to see – but don’t expect it to look like daylight either. Part of the ambiance of a candle light ceremony and reception is the dim lighting. To check on the amount of light that your planned candles will provide, and to see how long it will take to get all of your candles to get lit, it’s a great idea to do a rehearsal at the same time of evening when your actual ceremony and reception will be.
  • Candles of course add a whole new level of fire hazard to your wedding so be mindful of that when you are planning where they will go/what kinds of containers they will be in. You wouldn’t want one of your guests to be having such a great time that they knock over a whole table of candles and send the place up in flames – but that would make for a wedding reception that no one would forget!

At Chukkar Farm, we welcome just about any idea that you can come up with your for wedding. We think that is one of the things that makes our wedding venue so unique!

Img Emily Carlin on Flickr. 

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