www.michellescottphoto.comFinding venues for your corporate team building exercises can be a challenge and doing the same thing repeatedly becomes boring. You have been to Lake Lanier Islands, which is a good experience, and watching your team members take a splash while learning to ride a jet ski was fun, but you want something different this time. Spending a day at Chukkar Farm Polo Club will put your team in the middle of the action as they experience the sport of Kings, an encounter that will be the topic of conversation around the office for weeks to come.

Team Building Packages

An experience at Chukkar Farms will take your corporate team to a completely new level with exercises developed for groups like yours.  Designed for those who are experienced horseback riders, to the complete novice, Chukkar Farm Polo Club packages offer your group this corporate team building experience in a safe, controlled environment. This assures their well-being while they participate in this excellent team building activity, without the worries of landing on their backsides in the field.

Learning to be a Good Team Member

Becoming a good team member is important in a corporate environment and participating in team games outside of the workplace is an effective way to gather your team and make building it fun. Businesses have used outdoor activities as a team building exercise for years, and the team involvement offered at Chukkar Farm Polo Club will add a new dimension to the corporate team building experience.

Please be advised that Polo matches and practices are not presently open to spectators.

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