Youth PoloOn August 3rd, Chukkar Farm was busy with riders, ponies, and people walking around getting excited and ready for the chukkars that were about to start. It was a beautiful afternoon for a polo match and an even better day to help raise money for the horses in need with Save the Horses (Horse Rescue, Relief, and Retirement Fund, Inc.)
They day went exactly as planned with everyone enjoying themselves both out on the fields and on the sidelines watching. Save the Horses wants to say ‘Thank You!’ for all of your donations and support. With your help, the will be able to feed the horses for several weeks. To find out more about the horses, visit the Save the Horses website. Scroll through the stories to the bottom of the home page to learn all about the animals (and people) that are being rehabilitated and rescued thanks to the passionate efforts, hours, and money of all of the volunteers, sponsors, and donors to Save the Horses.
One of the most fun aspects of Sunday was the polo tournament! Special prizes were awarded throughout the afternoon to some of the most important players. Here are the results:
‘A’ Flight
Team – Peachtree
MVP – Jolie Liston
Best Playing Pony – Sophia, owned by Randy Razor
‘B’ Flight
Team – ARPC
MVP – Hope Tadsen
Best Playing Pony – Bunny, owned by Jolie Liston
‘C’ Flight
Team – Union Hill
MVP – Andrea McManus
Best Playing Pony – Estrella, owned by Heather Hutchins

Please be advised that Polo matches and practices are not presently open to spectators.

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