Food trucks are becoming ever more popular dining options, whether you’re at an event or simply on the go and looking for a good place to eat. We have had many brides bring in food trucks to their weddings, with various levels of success. Check out the pros and cons of using a food truck to cater your wedding.

How Many?

One (good) food truck can usually cater about 75 guests. You don’t want your guests to end up waiting in extremely long lines to eat and getting frustrated. Big weddings can easily need two or three trucks to serve all of their guests in a timely manner.

Endless Options

Whether you’re looking for typical street food at your wedding or you want something more unique and specialized, you can probably find a food truck that will cater your wedding faster and easier that you would find a specialized restaurant or caterer that will. These trucks are literally restaurants on wheels and would love to hear from you.

Eat When You Want

Food trucks are used to long, unusual hours so after your guests have been partying all night long, why not surprise them with a late night food truck to cap things off? They’ll love it.

Stay In Budget

Food trucks will significantly cut your food costs. Rather than catering a 5 course sit down meal that will cost you a pretty penny, food trucks typically run about $10 per person and create a more relaxed wedding environment.

Chukkar Farm has worked with many food trucks throughout the years and would be happy to provide you with our list of preferred vendors if you’re looking to hire a food truck to cater your 2017 wedding at our barn wedding venue.

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