Your wedding brings the most important people together and share in your joy, toast to your love, and cement a lifelong place in your wedding photo album. But not every cherished member of your life is a person. Your horse has been there through it all, giving you a sense of freedom, joy, and companionship. Why leave him in his stall? A Chukkar Farms equestrian wedding lets you give your beloved horse a place of honor on your special day.

4 Ways to Incorporate Horses into Your Wedding

  1. Get hitched on horseback. Julia Roberts might have given horseback nuptials a bad rap in “Runaway Bride,” but as long as you choose a well-trained horse and keep your feet nice and warm, his hooves will stay firmly planted while you exchange vows.
  2. bride on horsebackBrides and their bridles. Capture that perfect wedding photo with the help of your horse. Arrange your train, grab your bouquet and your bridle, and prepare for the perfect bridal photo to grace your mantle.
  3. Bust open the barn. Brides love barn weddings for their rustic charm. Instead of keeping the guests relegated to the dance floor, why not decorate the horse stalls, braid flowers into the horses’ manes, and let guests wander through? Just make sure all guests know how to behave around the horses. Nobody wants nipped fingers on the night of your nuptials.
  4. Ride off into the sunset. Capture that fairytale moment. Saddle up with your new spouse and ride off into the sunset.

Your dream of an equestrian wedding is within reach. Call Chukkar Farms to tour our rustic Alpharetta wedding venue.

Bride on Horseback

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