barn weddingsWhen it comes to planning outdoor events in the spring time, you’ve got to beware that the weatherman could one minute be your best friend, and the next your worse enemy. We all know by now how bi-polar our Georgia weather is. Can you believe those winter storms we’ve been seeing!? When you’re planning your event for this spring, don’t forget to keep these outdoor event planning tips in mind. 

1. Find a Venue with Indoor and Outdoor Options

If you plan your event – whether it’s a wedding, a fundraiser, or corporate event – outdoors, choose a venue that has an indoor option for a back-up location. This could be anything such as a clubhouse, cafe, or something like the pavilion here at Chukkar Farm.

2. Make Sure You Have Permission

Some event venues have both indoor and outdoor spaces, but if you are booking an outdoor space, there will be an extra cost associated to book the indoor space. Make sure that in plenty of time before the event, you have “okayed” your intentions to move the party inside with the host.

3. Make Your Own Plan B

If your outdoor space does not come with its own “plan B” option, make your own! Rent a large tent with plastic sides so that your party can be moved under its protection.

4. Have an Indoor/Outdoor Event

The best option is to plan on having and event that flows both indoors and outdoors. This will not only protect your event from being ruined by bad weather, but it will also give your guests the option to spend time where they feel most comfortable.

Chukkar Farm Polo Club and Event Facility offers both indoor and outdoor event venue space here in north Georgia. From our pavilion, to the club house, to the chapel, to your ability to rent a large tent for the polo field or barn yard, you have plenty of options to make sure that your party doesn’t get rained out!

Polo matches and practices are NOW OPEN to spectators.

Please note, we are working with the county to acquire a permit for weddings and concerts. Until our permit is issued we will not be able to host any weddings or concerts.

Thanks for your understanding. We will update here when we are open for weddings and concerts again.

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