Jack Cashin’s original book, A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore, is a collection of funny, thought provoking and touching emails, articles and minutiae that Jack Cashin has collected over the years. It has something for everyone, including everyone on your list of corporate Christmas gifts.

A Gift of Wit, WIsdom, and Modern Folklore


When choosing corporate gifts to give your clients there are many things to take into consideration. Your clients will feel more appreciated when given a personal gift, though the nature of your business may limit your personal interactions. You of course want to choose a gift that reflects on the image and quality of your company, while keeping in mind the budget that has been set for your purchases. It is essential that your company takes this gift giving process into deep consideration, as the gesture of sending a holiday gift to your clients shows them your appreciation and will keep them coming back for years to come.


A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore is a perfect example of a gift that fits each of these needs: it has a little something for everyone, can be easily personalized with a note written in the front cover, is reasonably priced to begin with and now that we are offering these special corporate prices, will leave you room to spare in your purchasing budget.


Order Jack’s book directly from Yawn’s Publishing in either hardcover or paperback or a mixed order for the following, new prices:

Returnable50 Copies20% Discount off of retail
Non Returnable50 Copies30% Dicount off of retail
Returnable100 Copies30% Disount off of retail
Non Returnable100 copies40% Discount off of retail


Chukkar Farm is proud to present Jack Cashin as owner of the farm and published author. For more information on his book, call Jack at 770-664-1533.


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