1. A Gift of Wit, WIsdom, and Modern FolklorePeople who don’t take care for their own horses will be the first ones to tell you how to care for yours.
  2. A handsome horse that’s badly behaved will become a lot less attractive in about 15 minutes.
  3. People who think they have nothing more to learn about riding hit the ground the hardest.
  4. Children and ponies are natural allies and often have identical dispositions.
  5. The closeness of a horse is one of the sweetest smells in the world.
  6. A solitary ride through the bush is more beneficial than six months with the best psychiatrist.
  7. The best thing about going to the barn first thing in the morning is that horses don’t care how you look.
  8. If a dealer insists that a horse is worth twice what he’s asking, he’s usually worth half that much.
  9. The best way to appreciate how another person rides is to get on their horse.
  10. I can recognize another horse person no matter what town, city, state, county or country I visit.
  11. You can never have too many hoof picks.
  12. It is not wise to argue with something that outweighs you by 1,000 pounds.
  13. I’d rather have a horse with a perfect mind than a perfect head.
  14. Eight hours is too long to be in the saddle!
  15. If you think you have left the water on in the bar, you have, and if you think you have closed the pasture gate, you haven’t.
  16. When someone asks you if you like their horse, always say yes.
  17. The happiest people I know own horses dogs, cats and at least one deranged goat.
  18. If you’re looking for the perfect horse, you will never own one.

Today’s dose of wit has been compliments of Jack Cashin and his book, “A Gift of Wit, Wisdom, and Modern Folklore.” 

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