Trail Riding Lessons

Horseback riding is for everyone! Young or old, horseback riding is a great way to spend time in the outdoors, get some exercise, and meet some new people. Chukkar Farm welcomes you to our riding lesson program. It includes two options:


Polo Lessons

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Trail Riding Lessons

Sue Lukashevich is our riding instructor. She teaches both our polo lessons and trail riding lessons. In our lesson program, you’ll learn skills such as:

  • Proper horse handling technique
  • Saddling and bridling
  • How to ride safely in the arena and on trails
  • Trail etiquette
  • Trail safety

Would you like to learn more about this lesson program, or sign up for lessons? Contact Sue today! 678-859-7845 OR

Please be advised that Polo matches and practices are not presently open to spectators.

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