Arena PoloDid you know that arena polo is not just something fun we do during the winter to keep training, but it comes with its own set of rules and regulations? We are fortunate to have a facility that offers not only a grass polo field, but also an arena to continue play through the winter months when the days get shorter and the weather is hard on the grass field.

Arena Polo Rules

  • Arena size: 100 yards x 50 yards
  • 4′ Walls
  • 3 Players per team
  • 4 Chukkers of 7.5 minutes each
  • Larger ball, more like a soccer ball, instead of hard plastic ball used outdoors

A Unique Learning Experience

Don’t let the weather and lack of daylight convince you that wintertime is not a good time to play polo – it’s the perfect time! Arena polo is a great way to learn the rules of the game without having to chase the ball all over the large grass field. With a smaller space to play, the ponies aren’t quite a quick and because the ground and walls are hard and you’re playing with a softer rubber ball, you’ll actually have more opportunities to hit as the ball bounces off of the surrounding hard surfaces.

During a game of arena polo, the rules will be explained to you – such as right-of-way and line of the ball. You’ll also learn how to properly play¬†with your team, how to hit a pass to teammates, and learn how to anticipate an opponent’s plays and strategies.

After a season of arena polo at Chukkar Farm, you’ll be ready to go out and run the field in the spring when we open our grass arena back up to play. You may even be invited to join us to play in one of our Sunday afternoon polo matches for the Alpharetta, Ga community to enjoy!

Polo matches and practices are NOW OPEN to spectators.

Please note, we are working with the county to acquire a permit for weddings and concerts. Until our permit is issued we will not be able to host any weddings or concerts.

Thanks for your understanding. We will update here when we are open for weddings and concerts again.

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