ptp-relyea-marr-20160417-00818First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.

We all know the old nursery rhyme. We’ve heard it since we were children ourselves – and for many girls, making that nursery rhyme come to life has been one of their most cherished dreams. And now – it’s here! She’s found her love, and now she gets to have a wedding to begin her marriage to her true love. But, what is it that makes a wedding? What makes it stick in the memories of not only the bride and groom, but the memory of all of your family and friends that attend to support the never ending partnership of two people?

Chukkar Farm has seen a lot of weddings in our time, let us share with you what we’ve seen that makes a wedding.

A Happy Couple

Of course it all starts here. We have had some of the most fun with couples where both the bride and groom are involved in the planning process. We’ve seen this relieve much stress off of the bride and also it gives the couple their first big project that they have to complete together that should represent the both of them from beginning to end. Compromise is key here!

Supportive Family

What would we do without our families? Chukkar Farm is a family owned and operated business so we well understand the importance of having a family that works well together. We love to see it when both sides of the new family come together to make wedding day not only successful, but an integration of all of the new family members.

Generous Friends

Friends are the family that you got to choose for yourself – and without these good friends, many a Chukkar Farm wedding may not have been! When it’s 10 minutes before you’re supposed to walk down the aisle and you don’t have ‘something borrowed,’ your maid of honor surely will lend her best earrings. When the groom realizes he’s left the rings at home, one of the groomsmen is off in a hurry to fetch them. It’s these best friends that not only make up your bridal party, but also come to support your union that will encourage you down your path with your partner for the rest of your lives.

Come visit Chukkar Farm and see how we can help you make your wedding the one of your dreams!

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