Whether you own a polo pony, a dressage horse, or an endurance horse, you want to make sure your horse is boarded in a good barn. Most horse owners don’t have the space or resources to board their own horses, so they board at a local barn. But if you’ve never boarded a horse before, you might not know what to look for in a barn. Brush up on the different styles of horse boarding to decide what’s right for you.

Pasture Board

Pasture boarding is a great way to save money on horse boarding. The facility provides your horse with feed, water, shelter, and room to roam. Pasture boarded horses are kept outdoors with grass to eat, water to drink, and a run-in shelter in case of bad weather. The barn owner will keep an eye on your horse to make sure he’s safe and healthy.


When you self-board a horse, you’re given a stall in the facilities. The rest is up to you. You’re responsible for feeding your horse, mucking the stall, turn-out, and scheduling appointments with the vet or farrier. Self-boarding gives your horse the benefits of barn boarding, but takes more time for the owner than other types of boarding.


If you can’t afford to buy a horse, part-boarding is a good option. When you part-board a horse, you pay a portion of its boarding fees in exchange for using the horse. What’s included in part-boarding depends entirely on the terms laid out between you and the owner in the contract.

Full Board

Full board is a good option for horse owners without a lot of free time. Boarding includes the necessities, plus a stall with full turn-out. Some full board contracts also include training, equipment, use, specialized feed, and vet or farrier appointments, while others include these on a pay-as-needed basis. Full board allows horse owners to provide their horses with good care without visiting daily. The flip side? It’s more expensive than other boarding options.

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